The Mind of God

Respected Scientist Says He Found Proof God Exists

by Richard Billingsley
with video from scientist Michio Kaku


Among the many experiences I have had was God sharing His limitless mind with me. One night I was praying and God stopped me and told me He wanted to share his thoughts with me. I was not prepared for what happened, in just a fraction of a second God shared just a fraction of what He was thinking about at that point in time. My mind exploded with thoughts and images of such magnitude that our minds could never comprehend it all. Long complex mathematical equations and plans stretching off in branches and crossing time. There were thoughts and images of people filled with love and plans for our lives. There were thoughts we could never imagine or express and all of this happened in just a fraction of a second of how He thinks all the time. I felt the pressure on my brain exploding from the massive amounts of information flooding my mind taking my brain the edge of pain, and had He not stopped, it would have killed me.

God is interested in every aspect of our lives and wants us to be interested in every aspect of His life. He wants us to know what He knows. Some may walk away from my teachings on scientific subjects, thinking I am crazy, but God is bringing out all those experiences He shared with me, so I can share them with your and below is a little bit of confirmation of those things (Isaiah 55:8-9). These teachings are as much a part of God’s plan for our lives as salvation and it was God who brought the following video to my attention.

It says something very interesting at the end that most would not even recognize. Watch the video and when Michio Kaku is finished talking I’ll explain why this is important.

Is God a Mathematician?
by Michio Kaku

Did you catch it? Take a look at my teaching on Dimensional Physics (the link will open in a new page). Looking at the diagram in that teaching God exists above all the other dimensions with dimensions 0-11 being connected to God through the strings coming from the 12th dimension or God, and through those strings flow or resonates the influences God uses to control all things. Mr. Kaku makes a reference to music. Take a look at the way the strings are positioned in the diagram. Do they remind you of anything? Something similar to say, a harp? The important thing to realize here is that God is the one in control and He reveals to man understanding that reveals the mind of God.

The beginnings of string theory started in the 1960’s, but became a defined science in the 1980’s and was the same time God gave me the diagram and initial exposure to dimensional physics. I have never studied dimensional physics and still don’t know much of what the world’s scientific community thinks on the subject. I just listen to God and let Him teach me. I have to smile when I see the rest of the world finally catching up with what God has shared with me over the years ago. The world has come to understand the many dimensions that exist and they match what God has revealed, but I have yet to hear about the layout itself, the inter-relational purposes of the sub-dimensions and the purpose of the parallel dimensions, which are revealed by God in that teaching. The time will come and the world will discover that what God has shared is an excellent representation these dimensions and their relationships.

We are coming to the end of this age and as we approach that point, our understanding of God is going to be revealed to the point the world cannot deny that He is. The world and the Church is going to be shaken, just as it is prophesied in the Bible and these teachings are part of that shaking. Some will study and see that these things are true and be prepared. Others will ignore them and be unprepared for these things, finding themselves left behind, just like the five foolish virgins in Matthew 25:1-13. Which are you going to be?

Live in God’s LOVE!

Richard Billingsley