God Wants You on His Calendar

by Richard Billingsley

God has been showing me the restoration of the Festivals of the Lord and I have been teaching these things for many years. I am thrilled that the Church is waking up to this revelation and embracing celebrating the Lord the way God wants us to celebrate Him.

I asked God why He set His appointed feasts on the moon’s cycle instead the world’s way of setting their celebrations based upon the sun’s cycle. His answer thrilled my heart because it demonstrates His desire for us to seek after Him. God wants us to crave His presence and seek after His ways of doing things. The world’s way of doing things on the solar calendar creates a static schedule where man’s celebrations are always at the same time each year. There is no expectation, there is no seeking, there is no looking forward to the time of God’s visitation, because the date has been set and does not change. While God’s Festivals of the Lord are always changing from month to month and year by year as they are based upon the lunar cycle of the moon. This calls for us to look forward to God’s appointed time, to seek His appointed celebrations, so that we are prepared for and in position to receive the blessings of the Lord. Instead of giving no thought to the world’s celebration of Christmas each year on December 25, the children of God seek to study the cycles of the moon to discover the days when the Festival of Tabernacles (and all the festivals) would occur.

In this video Robert Heidler makes a comment that many would not recognize about the Festival of Tabernacles. He says when the Jews were living in tents in the wilderness, He asked Moses to build Him a tabernacle so that He could dwell with His people. When Jesus came He was celebrated as God among men, because He was dwelling among us. Jesus was the fulfillment of the Festival of Tabernacles and as I have taught previously was born during the Festival of Tabernacles. When we seek out and celebrate the festivals of the Lord, the celebrations of this world rooted in paganism begin to lose their importance as we draw closer to God and experience the blessings we receive through His festivals.

These festivals hold a very special place in the heart of God and as we draw closer to Him in celebrating Him, He will begin pouring out the glory of the last days. It is this drawing near to Him and His ways that brings the final manifestation of the glory in the Rapture of the Bride of Christ for those who’s hearts are focused on Him.

I encourage you to watch this video several times. There is no way you can get it all watching it just once.

Live in God’s Love!

Richard Billingsley


Guest: Robert Heidler

Robert Heidler wants you to discover the forgotten blessings of God’s “appointed times.” He says God still honors His appointed celebrations of provision, miraculous health and deliverance. His feasts point to Messiah, and they are for everybody!