God's Study Guidelines

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The rules of study God gave me when I was young and still follow.
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God’s Keys to ensure integrity in studying the Bible.

In the Beginning
God took a young boy at age 12 through the Rapture.
Then invited him to Heaven and began teaching him
In the Throne Room over many years –
To Keep His Ways and Pursue His Kingdom.
Revealing scriptures and mysteries of the Bible.
When God brought new revelation and insight
I would point to these rules and assert: “PROVE IT!”
God always followed these rules.
Richard Billingsley

He always followed these rules:

1. God does not change!
2. His WORD does not change!
3. His LAWS do not change!
4. The LAWS of God reveal the character and nature of God!
5. Everything establishes on the testimony of two or three witnesses.
6. Everything must fit within the context of scripture.
7. Doctrines must not conflict with the laws of God.

“God’s Study Guidelines”
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12 pages of scripture and teachings given by God over a period of 55 years. Compiled into one amazing reference tool.


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