Dimensional Physics

Insight into Your Future in the Kingdom of God
by Richard Billingsley
5/13/2015 (Updated 4/8/2016)


I have hinted in the past that one day I would teach what God taught me about Dimensional Physics, but didn’t want to spin your brain so much that it hurt.  I wanted to create something that was simple and could be absorbed and understood a little bit at a time.

Understanding Dimensional Physics is something that all saints are going to know and understand as in it reveals a plan that God has for those who will dwell with Him.

The Lord suggested creating this page and we will add small short lessons over time, making them simple enough so they could be understood.
So, keep an eye on this page for updates.


Lesson 1 – The Dimensions (5/13/2015)

Many years ago I was relaxing on my bed worshiping the Lord when He asked me to get a pen and some paper.  I sat down at the desk and He said that He was going to teach me Dimensional Physics and had me draw the diagram below.  Back then He didn’t tell me very much beyond the very simple basics found in this lesson, but even that was a strain on my brain.  I thought it was just an exercise into seeing things differently.  Little by little he added more understanding to what was drawn below.

God has given me a lot of detail about these things, but I can’t share them with most people because it is so far beyond the realm of what has been taught to the general public.  What is taught here is just a fraction of what God has taught me.  

Hint: What is learned from this is going to be important to the saints of God both now and eons into the future.  Lesson One is the foundation to understanding Dimensional Physics.

  • Each dimension has a purpose.  The dimensions are arranged vertically into three phases. 

Why do I say three phases when you can see four?  You’ll learn about that in the next lesson.

Do you remember geometry in school?
The 1st dimension was a line (length).
The 2nd dimension was a square (length and width).
The 3rd dimension was a cube (length, width and depth).

It is basically the same concept here, but in God’s geometry of dimensional physics there is a fourth or rather a zero (0) dimension.  It exists as a single point.  It has neither length, width or depth but exists as a singularly, possessing all the same characteristics of that dimensional phase.  

The concepts explained here are not the scientific explanations.  Those are far more complex.  These explanations are given in simple terms to give you something to grab a hold of and think about.  As you learn about what each dimension and phase does it will begin to expand far beyond the simple descriptions of basic geometry.


  • The Point Dimension: also called the [0] Zero Dimension.  It is a point and has NO length, height or depth, but exists as a singularity or point. It is very important but cannot be defined.  It acts as a foundation or anchor for all the dimensions above it.  Its parallel dimensions are 0, 4, and 8.
  • The Line Dimension: also called the [1] First Dimension is a line and has length, but NO height or depth.  Its parallel dimensions are 1, 5 and 9.
  • The Square Dimension: also called the [2] Second Dimension.  It is flat and has length and height, but NO depth.  Its parallel dimensions are 2, 6 and 10. 
  • The Cube Dimension: also called the [3] Third Dimension.  It is a cube that has length, height and depth.  Its parallel dimensions are 3, 7 and 11. 

Lesson 2 – The Phases (added 3/27/2016)

Horizontally there exists four phases which constitutes the foundational construct for all the dimensions within that phase.  If one looks at each of the phases you can see that one new construct is added to each of the phases.  

1st Phase
In the 1st Phase exists God the (I AM).  He is in all and above all else that exists.  That is why His dimension is identified as the 12th dimension and why there are no other dimensions above His.  He exists in all the dimensions and is the controlling force that keeps all the other dimensions in existence.  If God removed His influence from any of the other phases they would simply cease to exist.  Without Him nothing else exists.  The lines radiating from the 12th dimension represent that influence and power to control all the other dimensions.  

2nd Phase
In the 2nd Phase we are introduced to a new construct known as “Spirit.”  This represents an entity and life force that comes from God but exists separate unto itself.  It has free will and influence over its environment, but cannot exist without the presence of the “I AM.”  The purpose of this Phase is reserved for eons in the future when God’s creations reaches a level of understanding and is prepared for those who are mature.  The highest dimension in this phase is the 11th dimension.  It will come into use in the far distant eons of the future.

3rd Phase
In the 3rd Phase the construct of energy and matter are introduced.  Most everyone has heard of Einstein’s famous equation E=mc².  Simply explained energy and matter are the same thing when they are moving at the speed of light.  In this phase everything is moving at a speed greater than the speed of light and energy and matter exist in unity with each other and can be formed and rearranged at will by the spirit.  The highest dimension in this phase is the 7th dimension and the dwelling place in this dimension is better known to most by the name: ‘Heaven.’  

4th Phase
In the 4th Phase the construct of time is introduced.  When matter and energy are slowed below the speed of light the by product of that creates an element known as time.  It is important to understand that time in this construct does not represent death or decay but the understanding that there is a past, present and future.  It was the curse brought by Satan through Adam that introduced death into this dimension.  When God creates a New Heaven and New Earth it will still be in this dimension and time will still exist, but the curse of death and decay will no longer exist.  The highest dimension in this phase is the 3rd dimension and the place we dwell within it is known as ‘Earth.’  

When I was very young the Lord took me on a journey to the edge of the universe.  When there He stretched out His hand across everything before me and said: “This is my domain.” Before me I saw clusters of galaxies and in each cluster hundreds of galaxies and all of this was within the universe of the 3rd dimension.  When He creates the New Heaven and New Earth, His plan for us is to fill and bless this earth, then move on and fill and bless many other earths within this galaxy.  When we have filled this galaxy we will move on to our nearest neighboring galaxy and fill and bless it until we have filled and blessed all the galaxies within our local cluster.  Then we will move on to another cluster and do the same.  Spanning eons into the future and God will constantly bless us with new and exciting discoveries as we fill the entire universe and dimension.

How is all of this possible?  God has created these sub-universes or sub-dimensions:
(0,1,2) for the 3rd dimension;
(4,5,6) for the 7th dimension; and
(8,9,10) for the 11th dimension.
These sub-dimensions have been placed there to provide resources for us to transcend and power all the work He has for us in this universe (dimension).  I don’t have all the details of how all this will work, but from what little God has taught me those who are born into the 3rd Dimension won’t travel in star ships in the 3rd dimension, but rather bounce through the 2nd dimension (or for a more popular term, subspace) to another location within our own 3rd dimension.  The power to drive these ships will come from the 1st dimension.  While those who have been glorified in the Rapture will already be in the 7th Dimension and can transcend in and out of the 3rd Dimension at will.  The purpose of the point dimensions (0,4,8) has not been explained but there is a purpose for each one and each one supports and strengthens the resources of the dimension above it.  They are like the foundation or anchor upon which the higher dimensions are built upon.

When we have grown up and have reached the maturity of entering the 11th dimension, then we will begin creating and establishing dimensions of our own and exploring new realms and experiences that God has waiting for us.  He has also indicated that His plans extend well beyond the 11th dimension, but will not give me any details, other than to say it is far beyond anything we can even imagine at this point.  All of these things are inherently present in everyone’s spirit, but it is only attainable by those who have the passion to pursue the ways of God.

Here is a challenge to try to wrap your brain around:  

We live “IN” the 3rd Dimension, but God “IS” the 12th Dimension.  
Some may think, ‘I thought God was in Heaven (7th dimension).’  He is.  He manifests Himself in each of the dimensions and will one day manifest Himself in our 3rd dimension as described in the Bible.

Revelation 21:3 (KJV)
And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.

It is amazing to step back and consider all of these things.  God created this great dominion of multiple dimensions all for the purpose of blessing us far into the future eons of eternity.  Doesn’t is seem petty to focus only on the things of this existence in this dimension, when God has so much more He wants to give us.  All He asks is that we have the PASSION to PURSUE and follow His ways, leaving the ways of this world behind.  For the ways of God are so far beyond our understanding.  What does this world that is dying and will soon be swept away in a storm of fire have that we would give it all up for a few moments of pleasure when we have an eternity of wonderful experience and discoveries ahead of us simply by following the ways of God.

Live in God’s LOVE!

Richard Billingsley