My Personal Testimony

by Richard Billingsley
9/23/2015 (updated 1/20/2022)


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Over the years God has taken me through the span of eternity, from before the creation of the universe, the earth and far into future, past the New Heavens and Earth into the eons of the future of the things that he has planned, and all of it is in the Bible.  God has revealed many wonderful insights in His word over the years and called me to bring those revelations to the body of Christ.  But He commanded me to silence until the appointed time.  That time has come, and the Lord is now releasing those revelations to prepare you for the time of His coming and to clearly understand the mysteries that have been hidden and reserved for these last days.  I have attempted to keep this testimony brief, but I have experienced many amazing things in my life.  The Lord has prepared many tools and resources for you to learn about these things on this website through articles like this and the book: Tell Them to Prepare – The Final Restoration. 

Salvation and First Vision

I was born into a traditional Christian family, and my parents went to a traditional denomination.  Somewhere along the way, I learned John 6:44, and as a young boy, I decided that I was going wait until God called me I would make Jesus my Lord and Savior. 

John 6:44 (NKJV)
44 No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him, and I will raise him up at the last day.

That call came at the age of seven, on a Sunday night.  I was in church with my family listening to the Pastor.  There wasn’t anything special that happened in this service, I don’t remember the message, and just like every Sunday night service, the pastor gave a salvation call for those who wanted to make Jesus their Lord and Savior.  But this time I felt a hand on my shoulder and clearly heard the voice of God saying: “Richard, I want you now.”  Without hesitation, I went forward and knelt at the altar.  With a few words, I gave my life to the Lord.  As I prayed, I could see a shaft of light come from heaven touching my head, filling my body and transforming my life.  It was over in a few seconds, and I could have gotten up, except for several adults who were praying over me.  When they finished, I rose to my feet and turned toward the back of the church and saw my first vision.  With my physical eyes, I could see the people walking and talking as they made their way out, but I also saw something else.  With my spiritual eyes, I saw the New Jerusalem, the city of God and I was now walking toward one of the gates.  I approached the giant pearl gates and on each side stood an angel holding a staff.  They nodded hello, as the gates opened and I entered the city.  The streets were crystal clear gold and the buildings of pure white.  People in white robes walked the streets.  I look around in awe for a several seconds before the vision ended.  The transformation of that night changed my life and I gained a desire to know the word of God and spent most of my time studying and praying, getting to know God and growing in knowledge and working the word in my life. 


Over the years God has given me many dreams and visions; so many that they became common in my life to the point that many of them are forgotten.  These visions, dreams, and visitations to heaven were so common in my life that it wasn’t until I was in my twenty’s that I realized most people don’t experience these things.  Here are just a few of those experiences

Visit to the Edge of the Universe

When I was about ten, as I was getting ready to sleep, I was in my bed praying when the Lord stopped me with a vision.  He told me he wanted to show me something.  As he took me by the hand, I felt my spirit go up leaving my body on the bed.  I could feel it as my spirit was flying off into space.  I was too wide-awake to be dreaming. 

We began to move up and away from the house.  I watched as the house faded into the distance, then the earth as we zoomed out of our solar system, and out of the galaxy.  Moving at the speed of thought, we continued for what seemed like several seconds, and then came to a stop.  God did not tell me, but I knew in my spirit where we were.  God had brought me to the edge of the universe.  As He stood beside me, God waved his hand in front showing me the expanse of the universe and said, “This is my domain.”  As I looked in awe at all the shapes and vivid colors of the galaxies, I noticed something that caught my attention.  I had an interest in astronomy and remembered hearing that galaxies are scattered randomly throughout the universe.  What I saw here were galaxies in clusters, and those galaxy clusters scattered throughout the universe.  God was showing me the truth of the big picture.  Something that He would be doing for the rest of my life, and it left me speechless. 

After several seconds, we returned to earth, and the vision ended.  It was a remarkable experience, and I wondered why the Lord would show me such things.  About three months later, I learned the answer to that question.  While watching television, newscasters announced that contrary to current theories, astronomers had discovered that the galaxies were not scattered evenly throughout the universe but were actually in clusters.  The Lord had given me an insight into his universe and confirmed it by the news media!  After many years of being taught by God, I realized that this vision was just the first of many where he was going to teach me dimensional physics.

Holding the Earth in my Hands

Most of the time when the Lord taught me He would show it to me in the Bible, and then we would discuss it, occasionally, he would do something special.  One of those lessons occurred three times over a span of a couple of months when I was 11 years old. 

It happened when I was lying on my bed.  I could feel my spirit become one with the Holy Spirit and together we would encircle the earth.  I really cannot explain how it felt.  There were no physical limitations.  I was suddenly everywhere all at once.  I could see and feel the earth inside of me; I was holding the earth in my bosom.  I could see everything that was happening on the earth all at once, and I could feel the pain of the Holy Spirit crying in anguish for those who would not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 

Three times the Holy Spirit shared this experience with me.  The third time the Lord ended the vision with a very painful experience.  As the vision ended, my sight went dark.  I could feel my spirit moving from encircling the earth to focusing on one location on the earth, but I didn’t know where I was going.  When my sight returned, I was watching a horrible sight.  A beautiful young woman, wearing a beret, was screaming as a man stood over her, stabbing her with a knife.  I wanted to help, but I was not there physically, I could only watch in horror.

As that vision ended, the Holy Spirit, crying, told me that this was not her time to die.  God had plans for that young woman’s life, and now she was lost because of the sin of this man.  I knew then that there was no such thing as fate and while God has plans for our lives, there are many forces at work in this world seeking to kill, steal, and destroy those plans.  God does not always get what he wants.  God does not want anyone to perish, but desires that we all find salvation in Jesus Christ, 2 Peter 3:9b.  It was through this and another experience that the Lord would share later in Heaven that brought me an understanding of nature and manifestation we know as the Trinity, three in one. 

The Trinity is not as most try to explain as one person showing himself in three different natures, but he is three distinct individuals, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who are united in one Spirit who share the same thoughts, but at the same time possess independent natures themselves.  There is a great deal I can share about this, but it is something that the Bride of Christ will share in once they are glorified and one reason why all saints should strive to prepare themselves for that day.  I have created the audio teaching called: “Understanding the Trinity,” which is available on this website, but be warned, this is an advanced revelation.

The Calling – Raptured

At the age of 12, God took me through the Rapture and ended that experience with a visitation from the Lord Jesus that placed a call on my life.  

It happened at 1:30 AM on Tuesday, March 3, 1970, exactly as described in 1 Thessalonians 4:16 and 1 Corinthians 15:52.  As a young boy, I was sound asleep when a very loud shout woke me up.  I can’t describe that shout; it was a yell as loud as possible to get someone’s attention, but this shout was supernaturally LOUD.  As I lay on the bed wondering what had just happened, I realized that my body was still asleep, but my spirit was awake and aware of everything that was going on around me.  I could see in all directions at once.  I looked at the table beside my bed and could see the molecules vibrating in the wood and then zoomed in to see the atoms spinning.  All of my senses were hyper-alive and aware.  I was more awake than I had ever been in my life.  Questions were answered as they came to my mind.  I knew I was experiencing the glorification of the Rapture and with that, I realized I could control time.  My mind and spirit were working at the speed of light, and I knew that what had seemed like several seconds had only been in the twinkling of an eye.  Immediately there was a trumpet blast that resounded with a voice of thunder calling all who heard it to “Come Forth!”  I felt my spirit rise out of my body and watched as I approached the ceiling, then just as suddenly my spirit crashed back down into my body causing it to wake up. 

I jumped out of bed, positive that the Rapture had occurred, but for some reason, God had changed his mind and put me back in my body.  I raced to the window and looked out half expecting to see if anything was happening outside in the sky.  As a young 12-year-old, I was scared, thinking I have been left behind and all alone.  Was I alone?  If the Rapture had truly happened wouldn’t my parents have also been taken?  I headed toward their room, got half-way there, got scared and ran back to my bedroom.  After several minutes I eventually built up my courage and made my way to my parent’s room, where I found them still sleeping in their beds.  Relieved and realizing it was just a vision I went back to my room.  But when I crossed the threshold of my room, I instantly knew Jesus was there, and I heard Him speak audibly with a voice filled with love and said: “Richard, tell them to prepare.”  I answered “Yes, Lord” and then felt the presence of the Lord leave the room.  I went back and woke my parents and told them what had happened. 

Being only 12, I didn’t know what to do with what had happened to me, and my parents told me to keep it close to my heart and wait on the Lord, and he would reveal it to me when the time came.  As I was sharing with my parents, I noticed that the eyes of my spirit were still open and I could see what was happening.  I looked up and could see the hand of God covering the house and demons racing toward the house to find out what happened and being stopped, bouncing off the hand of God.  As a testimony of the event of that night, the Lord told me to call the youth minister at our church and share with her what had happened.  It was around 2:00 AM when we called.  After that my parents wanted me to go back to bed, but there was no sleep in my eyes.  The power that had flowed through me also energized it, and I was awake and needed no sleep.  We also noticed my entire body was shaking from the power that had gone through me, but there was no pain.  The next day my parents called the school to excuse me, and it took about 24 hours before the shaking subsided to just a minor tremor in my hand. 

After the Visitation

While I call it a vision it was much more than that, it was a visitation that left my spirit awake.  I could see the spirit world around me; spirits, angels, fallen angels and demons.  I could see them, but they didn’t know that I could see them, not at first, not until I started describing what I was seeing to those around me and exercising my authority over them.  Then one day as I was walking through the house, I turned a corner and ran into a fallen angel standing in my way and caught me off guard.  Startled by his boldness, I asked: “What do you want!” He snarled at me with words filled with hate saying: “I’m going to kill you!” When he said that I laughed and walked right through him, waving him off and went on with what I was doing.  Over time they started to develop a repertoire of taunting me just to get my attention.  They would fly in a circle, long distances away from me, threaten me, call me names and curse at me.  I would bind and cast them out, but it wasn’t too long before others would take their place.  I finally told the Lord this is not helping and to close down the spirit vision until it was needed.  I watched as my spirit vision slowly fade out.  It wasn’t gone forever, because whenever it was needed the Holy Spirit would turn it back on and that scared the spirit world even more than being able to see all the time.  Once when I was ministering the Holy Spirit turned on my spirit vision.  It happened so fast I was not prepared for it.  I looked down and there at our feet was a demon about the size of a small monkey.  Startled, I stepped back, which caused the demon to look up at me and saw me looking down at him and when he realized I could see him, he took off out there so fast I didn’t have time to say anything.  He wasn’t expecting me to see him and when he realized that I could, he ran. 

There were other aspects to this awakened spirit that I experienced, including learning about time and traveling in the spirit.  I would lie on my bed and listen to the music and angels singing in heaven.  It was beautiful to hear, as it had form and substance, but did not have a beat as we do here on the earth because a beat is related to time. 

One ability this experience caused that was very important was the freedom to visit heaven in my spirit any time I wanted.  Almost every evening after reading my Bible I would relax on my bed and release my spirit to the Holy Spirit and journey to heaven where I would walk the streets, spend time with Jesus and others, but most of my time was spent in the throne room being taught by Father God.  Each visit to heaven would last anywhere from one to three hours.  Years later I figured the accumulated time in heaven over ten years must have been somewhere around one year.  

Personal Introductions

In the beginning, I thought these visits to heaven were just visions, but early in these visits I was in the throne room with God and asked if I could take a walk outside.  As I stepped through one of the front entrances I was facing a gigantic column that must have been at least 20 feet across.  I began to work my way around the column to go down the steps; when I ran into someone, I hadn’t seen before.  He reached out to shake my hand and said: “Oh, you must be Richard.”  I instantly knew it was the Apostle Phillip and that he had come to the throne room to meet and talk with me.  I was so startled by what had happened, I inadvertently terminated the visit and found myself back on my bed.  It was then that I realized these were not visions, but real visitations into heaven where I could interact with anyone.  Since then the Holy Spirit has told me that Phillip and I have an appointment to meet again after the Rapture and that Phillip wants to ask me: What happened and why did I leave so abruptly.  That’s a meeting I am looking forward to, and I know we are going to be good friends, the Holy Spirit says we have a lot in common.  It is important to understand the difference between a vision and a visitation.  A vision is essentially a structured event with the purpose to impart some specific information.  While a visitation is free flowing and can move randomly in any direction.

Walking with Jesus

These visitations continued for over ten years when God would teach me all sorts of things.  Most of those teachings were about understanding the Bible and how we must be very strict about our interpretation of scriptures.  We must honor His word and protect it and to do that requires that we don’t mess up what it is saying by adding things that don’t belong.  God is very protective of his word as the Bible says he watches over his word to perform it (Jer. 1:12).  And we must be the same way and quickly repent when he reveals the truth in his word.

I spent a lot of time with Jesus as well, and we would walk along the river of life talking.  Once while we were walking, we sat down and put our feet into the cool water of the River of Life.  As we talked, I noticed a fish swimming down the river.  I watched as the fish suddenly darted over to where we were and poked its head out of the water to say hello.  However, my reaction was unexpected.  I jerked my feet out of the water thinking the fish was going to bite me.  Jesus rolled back in the grass laughing and when I realized what had happened started laughing also.  Then the Holy Spirit showed me that as a young child our family had gone to a nearby lake for the day with friends and while I was in the water all these tiny fish kept nipping at my freckles thinking they were food.  It upset me so much as a young boy I refused to go back into the water. 

I received many revelations during these times; including insight into understanding things about heaven and some of them I have orders to keep silent until the appointed time.  These visitations were important in preparing me for things to come. 

Office of the Prophet

Since my salvation at age seven my prayers always included asking the Father to make me more like Jesus.  I also prayed that the Lord would keep me out in front and never let me fall behind where the Church was concerned.  In April 1976, when I was 18, the Lord answered the first prayer with a second visitation.  He stood in front of me and declared: “Richard, I have heard your prayers to be more like me. Therefore, this day I have placed you in the office of the Prophet.”  He then departed, probably because he did not want to hear what came out of my mouth next.  As I screamed a resounding: “NO!”  What had I done?  That was the last thing I wanted.  I wanted to be used by God, but not as a prophet, anything but a prophet.  I didn’t reject His call, but I knew the responsibilities of a prophet, and I did not want that calling.  Regardless of my desires, God began working in my life proving out all the evidence of that office and teaching me how to carry out my calling.  While I didn’t reject it, I tried to ignore it hoping it would go away.  It took me more than ten years before I was willing to admit to myself that; okay, I was a prophet.  It took another ten years before I was able to openly talk about it to other people.

In July, three months after this visitation I was in prayer when the Lord gave me a vision.  In the vision, I saw myself as a young man walking on the path of my life, which was straight and white.  As I walked, the road ended at a great wall in front of me.  I looked left, right, up and down and there was nowhere else to go.  There was nothing I could do, no choices to continue this journey.  I thought, was my life over?  I was still a young man, and I have come to the end of the road, the end of my life?  Suddenly, I saw the hand of God come down and scoop me up.  The hand lifted me higher and higher up the wall until it reached the top.  When the hand of God withdrew I saw myself as a baby, sitting before a new road stretching off into the distance, then the voice of God saying: “Now, you are a child of God.”  What did that mean?  Before this I knew I was a “Son of God,” but now I am a “Child of God?”  It wasn’t until many years later that I came to understand this vision was a confirmation of the appointment into the office of a Prophet and that the wall meant that I had no choice in that matter.  I was placed by God on a new road, beginning a new calling and it would be necessary for me to grow up in this new road that I must travel.

A Timepiece

Those early years of training as a prophet were hard and I was stubborn and rebellious as I did not want this path given to me.  It was during this time that I struggled to understand everything He was teaching me.  I was young and argued with God about a lot of different things.  God was always patient with me, but  I wanted to run and get away from what was happening.  In the summer of 1979 I decided to take a vacation and head north and visit the State and National Parks, ending up in Yellowstone before heading back.  But God didn’t want me to leave and ordered me to stay in Phoenix.  In my rebellion, I packed up and headed north with the voice of the Holy Spirit telling me to go back home.  I went through the Grand Canyon and drove north into Utah where I got a room for the night.  The next morning I got in the vehicle and discovered I had a pinched nerve in my neck.  I could drive straight, but any turn was agonizingly painful.  Being hard headed I continued driving north, stopping to visit the various national and state parks along the way.  I stopped for the night and got a room still in pain from the pinched nerve and doing my best to ignore the voice of God.  After a difficult night’s sleep, I finally broke, gave up, got in my vehicle and headed back home. 

The instant I crossed the Arizona border the pinched nerve disappeared, and God began talking to me, saying that He had chosen me to be a “Timepiece” in His Kingdom.  While I thought to myself: “A timepiece, what is a timepiece?”  I had never heard this term before, but He continued telling me that I did not have the freedom that other people are allowed in their lives because I had been chosen to be His Timepiece.  He continued saying that He has plans for everyone’s life, but most people have a wide latitude to move within that plan or even reject it if they wish.  He said there are three levels of calling that exist in the Kingdom of God.  Everyone who has accepted the salvation of Jesus brings them into the first level, which is called the “Laity.”  These have a choice to pursue God’s plan for their lives or ignore it all together, which is the harder way to go.  The next level is the Five Fold Ministry: The Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher.  These are the “Influencers,” and they come out of the Laity and are called to influence and lead the Laity.  The Influencers have a more specific calling on their lives, and there is much less latitude allowed.  They can reject their calling and walk away from it, but doing that comes with serious consequences.  The third level is the “Timepieces” and these usually come out of the Prophets.  A Timepiece is someone who has a very specific calling on their lives.  They are called to carry out a specific task, but it must happen at a very specific point in time, hence the name “Timepiece.”  Whatever the Timepiece is called to do it will trigger a major shift within a people (IE. Church), a nation (IE. Israel) or the world, which brings about God’s will.  This action can be as simple as saying the right words at the right time, but the result causes a rippling or a cascade effect that can transform a nation or the world. 

In the Bible, the Hebrew word is “Moed,” which translates to “The Appointed Time” of God, in Greek it is the word “Kairos.”  Methuselah was the first Timepiece as his death was the timing for the flood.  Noah was a Timepiece as he had to prepare the Ark for the flood.  Joseph was a Timepiece because had to be in his place for the famine to protect his family.  Moses was called in time to lead Israel out of Egypt and almost died for disobeying his calling, but his wife saved him.  Daniel was one, as was John the Baptist and Jesus.  More contemporary examples are Martin Luther, who started the Reformation, and William J.  Seymour who brought the Azusa Street Revival, Kenneth Hagen, Oral Roberts and others.  Anytime there is a major revelation, restoration or shift in the Church, Israel or the World; there is a Timepiece somewhere nearby.  You will learn more about Timepieces in the teaching: The Final Restoration, available on the website.

The Lord continued by saying that my calling as a “Timepiece” was to bring a restoration of understanding of His word and prepare the Church for the Rapture.  He gave me some very specific instructions, but He said that I must not utter those words until the appointed time.  (You can read what those words are in the teaching: The Kings Messenger.)   Several years later I once tried to speak those words out loud when I was by myself, but the Lord turned off my voice and warned me that I must not speak those words out loud to anyone, not even where Satan might hear them.  I have kept silent for over 30 years, but today these things are now being released.  Through all of this, the Lord told me that my calling would develop over time as He would reveal more and more detail of what my calling would be as one of His Timepieces, which is what has happened.  He has kept me hidden until this appointed time and has now begun to reveal His plan which is to bring “The Final Restoration” (Acts 3:21) to prepare the Bride of Christ for the events of his return and their time of glorification in the Rapture.  He said that my ministry would last for only a handful of years and would culminate with the Rapture of the Bride.  He also warned me that I don’t have the freedom to go off doing whatever I want because I must fulfill a very specific plan that He established.  There is no room for me to do my own thing, and in these last days it is of utmost importance to keep up, and on time with the plan, He has set. 

Tell Them to Prepare

In April 1980 at 21 years of age, Jesus came in a third visitation and surprised me, by asking if I would allow Him to teach me about the book of Revelation.  I was thrilled that He wanted to teach me the book He authored about Himself, as I had been a student of Bible Prophecy since my salvation at age seven, but I was not prepared for what was about to happen. 

The Lord continued by saying that before He would begin teaching me, I would have to agree to two rules.  “First,” He said, “You must forget everything you have ever learned about the book of Revelation.  I will teach you everything you need to know.”  I was surprised at what I had just heard.  Why should I forget all the teaching I had learned before?  If I had not known to whom I was speaking I would have rejected it right there, but I did know, and I agreed.  Then he told me to turn to Revelation 22 and start reading.  I got down to verse 18 and 19 when He stopped me and told me that these commandments apply not only to those who would twist and misinterpret the book of Revelation using outside sources, but it also applies to the rest of the Bible as well. 

Revelation 22:18-19 NLT
18 And I solemnly declare to everyone who hears the words of prophecy written in this book: If anyone adds anything to what is written, God will add to that person the plagues described in this book. 19 And if anyone removes any of the words from this book of prophecy, God will remove that person’s share in the tree of life and in the holy city that is described in this book.

He said the book of Revelation was self-contained and we must study it as such.  We cannot take scriptures from the rest of the Bible and use them to interpret the book of Revelation.  To do so would be adding to the book of Revelation, violating this commandment, corrupting our understanding and has serious consequence for those who break it and also for those who accept such teaching. 

He later clarified that explanation by saying we can use the book of Revelation to interpret prophecies within the Bible, but we cannot take other scriptures and use them to interpret the book of Revelation.  Revelation 19:10 tells us that this book is the key to understanding all Bible Prophecy.   The word “spirit” here is unique as the root means that it is the core, the essence and the key to understanding and you will learn more about this in the teaching: The Final Restoration. 

Revelation 19:10b
…for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

With those two rules in place the Lord began teaching me about the book of Revelation and later told me to write a book of what He was teaching me, and to title it “Tell Them to Prepare,” a title which echoed back to my calling when I was 12 years old when I was Raptured.  He gave me assignments to complete and began to reveal new insights into the book of Revelation that I had never seen before.  Over the next two years the Lord changed my understanding of the book of Revelation.  But along with this new understanding also came a lot of questions.  The Lord said that the book of Revelation was not one continuous story as is traditionally taught, but seven short stories and some of those stories tell the same story, just from different perspectives.  With the help of the Holy Spirit He showed me the seven stories:

  1. The Seven Letters
  2. The Trumpets of Judgment
  3. The Antichrist & False Prophet
  4. The Bowls of Wrath
  5. The Mystery Babylon
  6. The Millennium
  7. New Beginnings

After that first lesson, He told me that my next assignment was to study the Seven Trumpets and the Seven Bowls of Wrath and find the common elements within each one. He said that these two stories tell the same story, but they speak to those events from different points of view and there is a common link between each of these stories, which bring them together.

  • 1st Trumpet & Bowl = Earth
  • 2nd Trumpet & Bowl = Sea
  • 3rd Trumpet & Bowl = Rivers
  • 4th Trumpet & Bowl = Sun
  • 5th Trumpet & Bowl = Darkness
  • 6th Trumpet & Bowl = Euphrates River
  • 7th Trumpet & Bowl = It is Done!

Don’t go jumping the gun just yet making any judgments at this point, because it won’t make sense until the story “The Mystery Babylon” is understood and becomes a third witness with these two stories.  Which is a chapter unto itself in the book: Tell Them to Prepare – The Final RestorationIt will all make sense when it is fully studied out in the book:

Tell Them to Prepare – The Final Restoration. 

Every time Jesus started a new topic of study he would always point to a passage of scripture then tell me what it meant.  This would always trigger a strong traditional reaction and challenge my thinking.  The Traditions of Men are established by teachings that we think we understand and fight against the Spirit of Truth when it is revealed.  When he revealed a new concept to me, I would argue against it and finally reached the point demanding him to Prove It!  During the early years of visiting Heaven, God had taught me the skills of logic, critical thinking and deductive reasoning, which became very important during this time.  He needed someone who could tear apart a subject and reach the truth of what He was teaching me as we covered all sides of each issue.  I would argue for the “Traditional” teachings I was raised in, and he would show me where I was wrong and his word was right.  He taught me how to study the Bible, understanding the textual, cultural, and historical context of a scripture (exegesis) to reveal that what I was learning was indeed true and not some deception.  Vitally important to that everything was established on the testimony of two or three witnesses within scripture.   While writing the book I was its greatest antagonist because I argued about everything the Lord revealed to me.  He had to prove every little bit of revelation, and I would take apart everything he said using exegesis, logical analysis and critical thinking 

There were many other things I learned, and the common links between the Trumpets and Bowls were just the beginning of something that would go far beyond anything I could imagine.  Through His teachings, I could see three Raptures mentioned in the different stories, but how did all these things come together?  There were not just two beasts, but three, and this Mystery Babylon had something amazing hidden within, but what was it?  By the end of the second year being taught understanding of the book of Revelation Jesus had transformed my thinking, and broken my traditional beliefs.  I had a new way of looking at the book of Revelation, but I also had hundreds of unanswered questions.

Then to make things even worse, the Lord simply stopped teaching me without any warning, even though I had hundreds of questions that needed to be answered He simply quit.  The Lord had taught me a new way of looking at the book of Revelation, but not so much that I could finish the book.  I was angry at God for his silence but didn’t know what to do, so I printed what I had, wrapped it up and put it away.  I was furious, angry and over time came to hate Bible Prophecy.  I was so angry I was open to anything that could prove what I had just learned was wrong, but I never did.  I eventually reached a point where I didn’t want to have anything do with Bible Prophecy.  I looked into going to a Bible school for the ministry, but that route never opened.  Instead, the Lord moved me from Arizona to Florida where I was to go through seven years of His program of training for my life, teaching me how to teach, preach, how to speak and minister before large groups of people.  


Fifteen years after the Jesus had stopped teaching the book; He told me that it was time to finish writing the book.  In the beginning, I just ignored it.  I didn’t even remember the book or what he was talking about.  I eventually asked him, “What book?  What was the title?”  To which he replied, “Tell Them to Prepare.”  It took some time, but I eventually did remember the book, but I had no idea where the original manuscript was and didn’t care as it was a very sore topic I would rather forget.  I wasn’t interested in finishing any book.  I didn’t even like Bible Prophecy anymore.  During this time of my life, I was traveling around the country as a technical project manager.  Three months later I decided to visit my parents in Arizona when they asked me to help clean out a storage unit.  Sorting through the boxes I came across some cardboard held together by rubber bands.  Curious as to what it was I lifted the covers to discover the original manuscript of the book I had printed more than 15 years ago.  Had the Lord not begun talking to me when He did, I would have thrown it away, but I got the distinct impressing that God was doing something.  I took the manuscript home and put it by the computer, not giving it much thought and not sure what to do next.  (Note: Many years later I looked up the meaning of the number 15.  It means a divine intervention or interruption.  Even the delay of 15 years was part of God’s plan.)

About a month later while on assignment in Washington, DC, I was relaxing in the apartment on a Friday evening when the God told me to read the entire book of Revelation that night.  Read the entire book of Revelation in one evening; really?  I don’t even like the book of Revelation.  Why should I read all of it in one evening?  I could feel the Lord putting His foot down and telling me to do it and don’t complain.  Not sure what to think, I obeyed and got my Bible and started to read.  As I began to read my spirit exploded in a flood of new revelation as the Lord began to answer all those questions I had those 15 years ago and giving me a more in-depth understanding of the book of Revelation than I could have imagined.  He showed me connections and relationships and transformed the book of Revelation from a complex concoction of conflicting ideas into something that was so simple it was easy to understand.  There was so much new insight and understanding I took the entire next day and created the cross reference chart that is in the book and available on the website.  (see: Revelation Cross Reference Chart)

Over the next several months I worked on the book, writing everything the Lord revealed to me.  He also instructed me to include a select number of visions and dreams that he had given me over the years and especially to include the story of my calling and the events that followed.  Even when I thought I completed the book, I would soon learn that this was only the beginning. 

Throughout my life with the Lord, I have always walked in the power of the Spirit, and it has been like second nature, being able to know things before they happened, having the power of God flow through my life, seeing in the realm of the spirit, etc.  But in July 1998 things began to change when the Lord told me that within three months I would no longer be working for the company I was at.  Three months later my bosses called me up and told me they didn’t understand why, but they couldn’t find me any assignments.  They asked that I submit my resignation and they would give me a good severance package.  I knew God was involved in this, so I agreed and started looking for work through other channels.  But something wasn’t working right.  I would get a contract, and a few months later something would happen that would shut it down, and they would be forced to let me go.  And this didn’t happen once or twice, but seven times in a row.  I had always had the favor of the Lord in my life, so what was happening?  I was a tither and a seed faith giver of offerings, read my Bible, prayed and had a close relationship with the Lord.  Surely, these things would turn around.  But when I sought to understand why this was happening to me, I never got an answer.  After two years of this, I also realized that all my spiritual senses gradually turned off so slowly that I had barely noticed it and now I had nothing that was common to me in the past.  To put it into a different context to understand it would be like someone losing four of five physical senses: Touch, Sight, Hearing Smell and Taste, but for me, the only spiritual trait I had left was hearing.  I could hear God, but he wasn’t talking to me very much. 

In November 2000 my father went to be with the Lord, and the Lord told me to move back to Arizona and take care of my mother.  At the same time, I received several words from apostles and prophets that what I was going through was not my fault, but that the Lord was rebuilding me.  I would have to live it out by faith, which was true as I lost everything and have had to trust in the Lord that he will take care of me.

After moving back to Arizona, there were several attempts to restart my career and even start a new career, but everything kept falling apart.  Things would start producing then suddenly something would happen that caused it all to come crashing down.  I couldn’t find any decent work, and any attempts to build new business opportunities failed.  After three years my resources had completely dried up.  I was living with my mother, in a tiny town in the mountains, which did not need someone with my level of expertise.  I fought through periods of depression, trying to figure out what was happening to me and trying to find any work I could.  I knew the only way out of this was to dig into the word of God and spent much of the time in prayer, meditation, worship, and reading the Bible. 

While all of this was going on the Lord revealed that He had brought me to the wilderness to focus on studying His word and get the book finished.  God would not tell me anything else about my life or how to get out of the situation I was in, but he would still teach me about Bible Prophecy.  He told me to do a deep study on every word of the book of Revelation and he has opened even more insight than one can gain from just the surface reading.   As I obeyed him, he began revealing even more about Bible Prophecy, so much in fact that the book more than doubled in size. 

Birth of Rich Insight Ministries

Eventually, circumstances shifted, and we moved to Fort Worth, Texas in Oct. 2004.  While I thought I had was finished the book, the Lord kept telling me to relax and be patient as it was not yet time.  In 2011 the Lord began talking to me about setting up a website and adding teachings as He instructed.  When I asked what to name the website he said Rich Insight a wordplay on my name and calling.  I looked at, but that was taken.  Jesus said to look up .org and it was still free and that created  The website and ministry started on my birthday, June 23, 2011, and the Lord began giving me teachings to write and post on the website.

I had long wondered for years how the cover of the book should look.  On December 14, 2011, the Lord gave me a three-hour vision of the book cover going into detail explaining what each element of the cover represents.  It was time to start preparing the book.  Not knowing what to do next I found GIMP a graphic editor and began recreating the cover from the vision.  Not being artistic it took three months of learning and playing with the program to complete it.

The Beginning of the Sixth Seal

If one has read the book they know that the Sixth Seal of the book of Revelation is the beginning point for the last of the Last Days.  I had been telling people for years that we were in the time of the 5th Seal and coming near to the time of the 6th Seal.  In mid-August 2014, the Lord woke me up three days in a row saying; “Richard, make a note and declare that Rosh Hashanah (Sept 24, 2014) would be the official beginning of the time of the Sixth Seal.”  What I found out later was that it was also the first of the four blood moons that the Church was talking about all next year.


On June 15, 2015, my laptop crashed on me.  But I thought, no worries, I have a backup and proceeded to rebuild the laptop.  I did a regular backup and connected that to begin restoring missing files.  But was destroyed when I discovered that even the backup was corrupted and after tinkering for hours the best I could recover was 10%.  Everything I had was on that laptop including the book that God had given me.  I had hard copies of older versions, but nothing current.  It was a loss of a large amount of information.  I went to bed crying and praying for God’s help.  The next morning the Holy Spirit woke me and told me to lay my hands on the drive and declare: “I am blessed!  What was lost is restored!”  I then started the restore program and was able to get over 50% of the data to restore.  Including all the books, the important documents, and files for the ministry and personal.  Praise the Lord!  The only thing I lost was the Music and Pictures, and while those will be missed they can be replaced.  I tried several more times to do restores hoping to get more but it never exceeded 10% after the miracle God provided.

Miracle Healing

Since a young boy, I had always struggled with the sleeping disorder Sleep Apnea.  I have been looked at many times and had those sleeping tests and was told there was nothing that could be done as the muscle that controls breathing and eating was enlarged.  Most people who have this kind of Sleep Apnea suffer when they lay down and this muscle blocks the airway and a machine can help.  But I could triggered mine while standing by simply relaxing that muscle, to cut off the airway.  I would wake up exhausted and have to take naps in my recliner and it was very difficult to get anything done because I was always exhausted.  I would fall asleep almost anywhere given the opportunity.  The prognosis was that I would probably die in my sleep from a heart attack.

But God worked a plan in my life when he caused me to attend the morning service at my church on Sunday, September 25, 2016, when I had planned to visit another church.  I was not aware that Billy Burke was going to be ministering that day.  I was not expecting anything to happen as I had claimed my healing many years ago and praised God confessing my healing every day.  While the manifestation of my healing had not yet come, I would wake up in the middle of the night with my heart racing and have to sleep in a chair to get some sleep.  The problem was so bad that even when wide awake if I laid down on a bed and relaxed my throat the airway would become immediately closed off. 

During the service Billy Burke mentioned someone getting healed of sleep apnea, and the Holy Spirit moved on me to expect my own healing to manifest.  I inquired of the Lord what I should do and He said Sunday night.  So, I came Sunday evening expecting.  During the service, the Lord told me when to get in the line.  I got up and waited for my time for healing.  Brother Burke came up to me and ask what I needed I told him my condition.  He asked a few more questions then said I needed a mercy healing and laid his hand on me.  I fell to the floor and the Holy Spirit said hold still, don’t move.  As I lay there I could feel a scalpel cut a piece out of my throat and when I got up I could feel the incision against the inside of my throat.  Because of my condition, when I did sleep in my bed I had to pile several pillows to sleep in an upright position.  My body had been conditioned to sleep that way.  The Lord said to use just two pillows, something unimaginable for me.  I had the first good night’s sleep of my life that night and woke refreshed the next day.  The next day he said to use just one pillow.  It was hard to sleep because of conditioning and it took several days to relearn how to sleep, but I never had a problem breathing.  I could still feel the incision inside my throat for the next week and it gradually disappeared.   Today I sleep on one pillow and never snore, nor any need for a breathing machine.


For many years I have wondered when the book: Tell Them to Prepare” would be published.  I had long given up trying to force the issue and this is Jesus’ ministry and he controls when everything happens.  Then in December 2018, the Lord said it was time to publish the book and he wanted it done by the end of March 2019.  I started preparing the publication when on January 15th, Jesus said; “Richard, did you know that Matthew 24 parallels the Seven Seals?”  In all the years of study, such an idea had never entered my mind.  So, I gathered my tools and started researching and sure enough, they did.   Again I was in update mode adding new insight into the book.  Once completed returned to the publishing track when I discovered that the cover image recovered from the crash back in 2015 turn out to be too low a resolution to be used for the print version.  I tried playing games with it, but the resolution fell apart.  I needed to recreate the cover and last time it took me three months.  There was no way I could have it done by the end of March.  I turned to the Lord and he answered by introducing me to a wonderful graphic artist, Penny DeFrank at a networking gathering.  She was an answer to prayer and graciously helped recreate the image in three weeks and made it even better than I could have imagined.  The book was completed and published by the end of March as April was the beginning of another downsizing in my life.  Where I had to wait and trust the Lord to show me what to do.

Live in God’s PASSION!

Richard Billingsley