Kim Clement Prophecy

A prophecy that directly relates to the calling and purpose of this ministry.

by Richard Billingsley

I was unaware of this word by Kim Clement, but a friend, emailed it to me in 2006.  I saved it to my computer and forgot about it until the Lord reminded me and said to add it to the website (Sept 2013). I had to do a search to find it.   Over the past several years, I have heard words given by various prophets and ministers about a release of new understanding in Bible Prophecy.  This one is the most explicit word I have seen to date.  I added the highlights, bold and underline for emphasis.

Richard Billingsley

Kim Clement – November 3, 2005 – Albany, OR

“The Spirit of God says, if you understand that the rains have come, the storms and the hurricanes have come. A Nation had to accept it.  But the Spirit of God said, at the end of the month of October it all came to an end. The Spirit has found a resting place therefore, God says, there shall be new of everything.  You say, what can be possibly could be new, what possibly could be new, what possibly could be different?  God said, do you understand that I created things for this day? I created treasure for this day.  And a scroll that has been kept locked has been opened up, but none has understood the words that have been scribed. I looked for a man that would interpret as Daniel stood as the writing came upon the wall, says the Lord.  And yet no one could interpret, there was only one in the land. It was the prophet Daniel.  As he came within the palace and the courts of the king he looked upon the wall and saw “MENE MENE” and suddenly understood that there was a balance, there was a weight, there was a scale.

And God said a scroll has been opened in the Kingdom, but there are none that can see for their sight and their vision has not been extended into the world that only angels would understand if washed in the blood of the Lamb, but they cannot sing that song that is transcribed, that is written upon the scroll. Let the Lord God speak tonight and reveal to His people. Though they may mock you there is a treasure and a writing on the scroll that can only be interpreted by the prophets of this age. None other can do it. Great teachers shall arise but they shall not be able to understand. For the words that are written there were written by the Lord Himself. The scale has been set and judgment has begun, says the Lord.  And there will be those that will rise up and they will speak and they will give truth, and they will say, these are the words written. But actually, says the Spirit of the Lord, they were written in Daniel and they were written in the book of Revelation. And God said those that have been confounded by the words of the book of Revelation, the Revelation of Jesus Christ, shall no longer be confounded.

The Spirit of God says, listen, what is written in the book, the great book, is what John the Revelator saw. This day, this age, this hour it is now been given to you to understand. For men have looked upon it and they have said, this is the time and this is what it means. But who knows truly the times and the seasons but the prophets of the Lord. Do not belittle the prophets of the God and say they are like raging lunatics shouting on one corner. But God says, for a season it was and it appeared so, but no longer. For now God says, I will cause my prophets to be accurate, an accuracy as the earth has never seen. And you would say, but God, how could this possibly be? How could this possibly be? How could this be because no one is greater than Elijah, no one is greater than John the Baptist, no one is greater than the prophets of old. God said, listen, in My Son, the voice of the prophets shall become accurate.

“An accuracy as you have never heard was released during the summer months. But on November the 1st a veil was torn and rent. My prophets will stop terrorists before they can even begin their plans. My prophets will stop corruption in government before it can ruin the economy of this Nation. My prophets will call the next investment. My prophets will prophesy the next source of energy. My prophets will be allowed to reveal what will turn from thousands into millions and into billions of dollars. My prophets will give the secrets of the Lord to the people of the Lord and some of My people will go from being paupers to being princes overnight. Some of My people will move from complete states of poverty to untold riches, says the Lord.

“For it shall come to pass as my prophets prophesy, that kidnappers and pedophiles shall be afraid to launch out and to take advantage of the children of light, of this century of this day, says the Lord of Hosts.

They have said, the book of Revelation shall be understood by teachers, but God said, they will teach. But the Apostles and the Prophets shall take the words out of Revelation 4, Revelation 9, Revelation 12 and 20. God says, listen, I will give you the truths that have been revealed. This is the day – the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our God and His Christ. God said, men shall drop dead as they hear the prophets proclaiming. And God said, it shall be an accuracy as the earth has never ever seen. For God said, Christ shall arise and the horse and the rider shall be thrown into the sea, says the Spirit of God. Did you hear what I said? For God said, the waters have parted. My prophets shall no longer fiddle around and be obscure and be stammering and saying, what do we say next? God said, a divine accuracy is coming upon the prophets and they will bring joy to presidents and kings, to prisoners and paupers alike. For God said, this is the day that the prophetic shall arise in the Kingdom.