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Airplane Cockpit Image
Richard Billingsley

Holding Pattern?

I was reminded this week of when I was younger. I was learning to get my pilot’s license. One of the things involved learning to obey the control tower when approaching the airport. They give instructions on how and when to land. They might even tell the pilot to circle the airport and wait for

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My Testimony

I have long wondered when God would allow me to share certain things in my life that I was ordered to keep silent about.  I have been obedient in following the Lord’s command and today He is for the first time allowing me to share with you my personal testimony, which contains insight into the

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The Hand of God and his little surprises

It’s always fun to see the Lord work in one’s life, especially when he surprises us with simple things we aren’t expecting.  As the Lord has given me more tasks to work on for this website and ministry some of those tasks have reached the point where it was necessary for the ministry to obtain

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