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Richard Billingsley


Are you looking for a different source of NEWS and Insight that has a Christian foundation? Something that isn’t SAFE to the rest of the world.  Something that is going to challenge your Point Of View? If you get offended easily I warn you don’t go here! They will reveal things you never thought of

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God’s name is pronounced: “Yehovah!”

It has been debated about for centuries, even millennia.  Some claiming it is “Jehovah” others say “Yahweh” and even more variations have been created.  The Jews won’t tell and say they do not know.  No one has been certain of the pronunciation, until now.  There is now extensive historical Biblical and personal documents written by

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Pyramid Power

I was flipping through the channels on TV the other day and noticed a Science channel program about “Pyramid Power.”  Why would the Science channel have a show about a mystical ideology?  It was already half over when I started watching it and quickly discovered it had nothing to do with the mystical thinking most

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