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The Two Dragons of Revelation

Did you know that there are two different dragons mentioned in the book of Revelation?  The 1st one is mentioned in Revelation 12-13 and the 2nd one is mentioned in Revelation 17-19 in story of The Mystery Babylon.  What most people don’t know is that these are two completely different beasts.  For many traditions have

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Escaping Babylon

As the days of the end of this age draw to a close the enemy of our souls is going to be applying more and more pressure to get you to give up and surrender to the pressures of the world around you.  Satan wants you to feel so overwhelmed and under pressure that you

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Growing Evidence – God is confirming the book

When God started teaching the things in my book: Tell Them to Prepare – A New Look at the book of Revelation, I knew people were not going to like it or me for teaching it, because it brought a point of view that Christians did not want let go of their “Traditional” teachings they

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