Tell Them to Prepare

The Final Restoration

Tell Them to Prepare - The Final Restoration

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Jesus taught that before his return he would send a restoration to prepare us for the Rapture.  A prophecy that was repeated by the Apostles but forgotten by the Church.

At the age of seven, God began a work in a young boy.  At 12, a visitation from Jesus took him through the Rapture and placed a calling on his life.  At 18 a 2nd visitation set him in the office of a prophet and when he rebelled God turned him around and put a higher calling on his life to bring a restoration of understanding to prepare the Bride for the Rapture but commanded him to silence until the appointed time.  At 21 in a 3rd visitation, Jesus began teaching him a new way of reading the book of Revelation and how the Church ignored two commandments in the Bible, creating centuries of confusion, conflict, and debate over Bible Prophecy — never knowing that the “Key” to understanding all Bible Prophecy is found in the book of Revelation.

Forty years later God has never deviated from that calling or revelation.  God has removed the command of silence and with it this book.  He is bringing a restoration of understanding and new insight into Bible prophecy that eliminates all confusion, conflict, and debate that has existed for centuries.  So simple and easy anyone can understand it.  The time to prepare for the Rapture of the Bride has come.  Don’t be counted among the foolish virgins, unprepared for what was happening (Matthew 25:1-13).

Don’t be among those who are left behind!