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I was reminded this week of when I was younger. I was learning to get my pilot’s license. One of the things involved learning to obey the control tower when approaching the airport. They give instructions on how and when to land. They might even tell the pilot to circle the airport and wait for instructions. The tower doesn’t forget the pilot, but they don’t talk to the pilots until new instructions are available, eventually allowing the pilot to land and reach his destination.

This is what happened to me this year. In January, I was cleared to begin posting the first of a series of videos sharing what the Lord has spent 55 years training me for. Then later that month, I experienced an accident that caused a stress fracture in my right hip. Walking was very painful, and I could not sleep in my bed. The least painful position was sitting in a chair. I kept myself busy doing the small things I could and speaking healing into my body. The pain would subside slowly, eventually allowing me to sleep sitting up in my bed, then laying down for a few minutes, then hours, until I could sleep, walk and drive without pain. This process took seven months, and I was getting back into a regular routine.

Until Saturday, July 30th. On my way home from a fellowship, a driver pulled out from a side street right in front of me. My vehicle was totaled, but only my ribs were bruised from the seatbelt, and I praise God it wasn’t worse as he showed this was an attempt from the enemy to kill me. While I am without a vehicle, I have God on my side, and I have seen other setbacks turned into blessings, and this one will also be a blessing and glory to God.

I woke up this morning with the Lord speaking to me, encouraging me that he has not changed and these accidents did not destroy me. But to wait upon him, and he would turn things around. He reminded me that Rosh Hashana was coming on September 25-27 to keep my eyes open and praise flowing. So, I am in a holding pattern, but He will turn things around and receive all the GLORY!

Live in God’s Passion

Richard Billingsley
Rich Insight Ministries


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