NOW Available in Paperback!

Tell Them to Prepare - The Final Restoration

Tell Them to Prepare is now available in Paperback.

Forty years ago, after I rebelled against God’s call on my life as a prophet, he turned me around using a pinched nerve and when I repented he placed a higher calling on my life and told me that I was to bring the final restoration mentioned in scripture that would prepare the Bride of Christ for the Rapture.

Through many years of struggle and wanting to give up, God continued to teach me through revelations and visitations what he wanted me to write. Then in late 2018 he said that the book would be released in March 2019. I wasn’t sure it would happen with all the problems we had, but here it is, in paperback. Updated with new revelations and new insight into understanding the sequence of events that must happen before the Jesus snatches his Bride away in the Rapture.

In this book, you will learn what caused the confusion and debate over Bible Prophecy through the violation of two commandments in God’s word. Then you will learn how to correct those mistakes and bring the book of Revelation and all of Bible Prophecy back into proper alignment. Which will remove all confusion, conflict and debate over our understanding of Bible prophecy, not only in the book of Revelation, but throughout the rest of the Bible.

And when we obey those commandments as God has given us, then we will see how simple the book of Revelation is and once that is done you will know the exact sequence of events and even understand what must happen before the Bride of Christ is Raptured.

And just as a hint. No! The Rapture CAN NOT happen that any time. There are a series of events revealed in the book of Revelation that clearly show when and where the Rapture must occur.

If you are NOT Prepared! You WILL BE Left Behind!

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