Just went to see the movie Gosnell tonight. I heard that theaters were dropping it after having full houses of viewers.

Why? Because they are revealing the truth about abortion that nobody wants you to know. I don’t go to very many movies but thought I should see this before it disappeared from all theaters.

It tells a true story about the inner workings and attitudes of those who do abortions and think nothing of it.

Please know this! This world is in a battle between good and evil. THERE ISNO MIDDLE GROUND! THERE IS NO NEUTRAL TERRITORY! The world must be divided, andyou will choose one of these sides.

God created this Earth for good to be enjoyed by the man he created, but one of his created divine servants saw the power that man had and desired it for himself. Resulting in the fall of man and angel, with Satan gaining control over this world. At Babel, God gave up the nations to be ruled by the little gods (divine beings created by God) and in doing so promised them that they also would die like men.

While God, choose Abram for his own, through whom he would establish his kingdom again. The other nations worship the little gods and those gods demanded the lives from their subject. Baal known as the head god in the land of Israel (Hercules in Greece, Apollo in Rome) demanded that the people worship them by creating great iron alters and sacrificing their children to the fire in exchange for prosperity and power.  These are NOT mythical creatures, they are real, fallen rebellious enemies of the one true God, who created all the universes.  They were created for the heavenly dimension but rebelled and invaded our dimension with the sole purpose of destroying us.

Baal is still alive and working in this nation and around the world. He demands the death of babies before they are even born to feed his power and give him strength and one-day return to claim this world. Keep this in mind – It will happen!

This is the message and battle of the entire Bible. This is the battle for this planet. If you have not been taught this by your church, you are missing out on 50% of what the Bible teaches. Everything Jesus did relates to all these things.

As the Bible teaches, in the last days, Baal will return and manifest himself in power and demonstration and much of the world will be deceived, even those who call themselves Christians will follow him as Apollyon (the destroyer) and his greatest achievement is abortion.

Live in God’s LOVE!

Richard Billingsley


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