Well, I had hoped all the problems were fixed.  It was working for a while but now the email system will only accept emails to the Primary email address of “rim@richinsight.org”  All others are rejected. 

I spoke with the server host and the initial effort did not resolve the problem.  So, it has been forwarded to Tier III support. 

At the previous site, the primary email address was: “admin@richinght.org” and all other email addresses were processed through that address. 

At this new site, the primary email address is “rim@richinsight.org” or “info@richinsight.net” which processes all the emails.  
>>  These two emails will work. <<

However, any other email address is giving an error that the address is not found.

This is being investigated as to why that this is happening and it will be fixed.  It was actually working correctly yesterday, but today it is not behaving.  I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. 

Richard Billingsley


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