The Holiness of the Lord and a Word from the Lord

God loves you, but his Holiness is more important to him than his Love.  What is the Holiness of the Lord?  God’s Holiness is to HATE sin and LOVE righteousness (following the ways of God).  If we do not HATE sin, the ways of this world, and LOVE righteousness we are out of alignment with God’s Holiness.

Hebrews 12:14 (KJV)
14 Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

Do you love the Lord?

Do you want to be blessed by the Lord?

The greatest blessings of God come from God when we do those things that please him.

If God asked you:  “Would you please to come, and visit me on my special day, and celebrate my love for you.  It will be a Holy day, and I will greatly bless you and multiply your wealth and make you prosperous  and give you success and favor in all your endeavors for the coming year.”

Would you make it a priority in your life to come and be with him on that day?


A word given to Richard Billingsley, Aug 17, 2018

“Why do my people consider it a burden to celebrate their God?  Why do they shun what I have established?  It is because they have listened to the enemy.  They have clung to a lie.  Many have taught about origins of Christmas and Easter and even Halloween.  It comes down to only one thing.  Forget about the arugments regarding using a Christmas tree.  Forget about Christmas finding its origin in pagan celebrations.  Forget all of those reasons that are used to justify why we can celebrate the ways of this world.  These are excuses thought up by man who ignore the WORD of God, and the WAYS of God to justify their Lusts.  The Lust of the eye with pretty lights and decorated trees.  The Lust of the flesh with eating sweet and savory foods and partying during the holiday, and the Pride of Life in giving gifts to our children and others.  Many say that God doesn’t care when or how we celebrate him.  Such are the root of sin, of missing the blessing I have established.  If I did not care how you celebrated me, why would I place celebrations in my word?    And then confirm them in the New Testament.  And all nations will celebrate again.  If you are a Christian.  If you are “IN” the kingdom of God.  If you say you follow the WORD of God, then why would you ignore receiving the greatest blessing of them all by celebrating me at the times I have established.

“Those who seek to give excuses to celebrate the ways of this world are turning their backs to the ways of God, and should be ashamed of doing such things and repent.  The early church celebrated all the festivals of the Lord, but few in my church today will even consider them.  They are the ones who are missing out.  They are the ones who are losing out.  Because they would instead enjoy the lusts of their flesh for a season, and lie to themselves rather than seek the true ways of God and celebrate him at his chosen festivals and receive an abundant blessing for the coming year.  When they celebrate their holidays, that is all they receive and nothing more.  Come back and celebrate with me the way I have established for my kingdom and l will bless you beyond your imagination.

“My fall festivals are coming next month.  Are you going to come and celebrate my appointed festivals or ignore my festivals and celebrate with the ways of this world?  The choice is yours.”

The end is drawing near, and Jesus is returning soon.  We can all see what is happening in the world around us.  If we do not seek the shelter of the God in our lives, the deceptions in this world will pull us into its snare.  Keep your focus on God.  Keep your PASSION for him, hot!  And seek shelter in his HOLINESS.


Scripture References: Festivals of the Lord

Ex 12:16 | It will be for you on the first day a holy assembly and on the seventh day a holy assembly; no work will be done on them; only what is eaten by every person, it alone will be prepared for you.

Le 23:4 | “ ‘These are Yahweh’s appointed times, holy assemblies, which you shall proclaim at their appointed time.

Le 23:37 | “ ‘These are Yahweh’s festivals, which you must proclaim, holy assemblies to present an offering made by fire to Yahweh—burnt offering and grain offering, sacrifice and libations, each on its proper day—

Nu 29:39 | “ ‘You will present these to Yahweh at your appointed time, in addition to your vows and your freewill offerings, for your burnt offerings and for you grain offerings and for your libations and for your fellowship offerings.’ ”

Le 23:21 | And you shall make a proclamation on this very same day; it shall be a holy assembly for you; you shall not do any regular work; this is a lasting statute in all your dwellings throughout your generations.

Ex 12:16; 23:14–17; 32:5;
Le 23:4, 21, 27, 37, 44;
Nu 10:10; 29:39;
Ps 81:3;
Eze 44:24;
Joe 2:15;
Zechariah 14:16 <-  All nations will celebrate the festivals.
Col 2:16 <- This is not a justification for celebrating with the world as many Christians believe.  The words Paul is using here are all related to the Festivals of the Lord in the Old Testament.  Which were celebrated by the early church, both Gentile and Jewish believers.

For more insight read The Passion prophecies.

Live in God’s HOLINESS!

Richard Billingsley


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