Fear Not – We are at the End of Our Race!

The Lord spoke the following to me today.

Don’t be afraid of what you see happening in the world around you. Those who don’t know Jesus don’t understand what is happening to them. The demons and spirits that drive them are running scared because they know their time is almost up. They are scrambling every addlebrained puppet that they can control and pushing them to the edge in hopes it will make some difference.

But those who live by faith must keep their heads and hearts focused on Jesus. They will remain in peace while the rest of the world is running around killing each other for no apparent reason. We should not be afraid of death. It only means they get to go home before we do. Pray for those who are lost, but do not be frightened of them. The closer we come to Jesus’ return the more insane the evil spirits will become. Stay in prayer and stay in HIS peace. He will take care of you!

Live in Yehovah’s LOVE!

Richard Billingsley


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