The “curse” of the law…

I am in the process of updating several articles on the website in preparation for unveiling a project I am working to complete.  I am not sure how soon that will be.  But I am past the halfway point. In updating one those teachings, the Lord encouraged me to add the following text, which has some powerful insight into the Bible.

Today, many people are teaching that we don’t have to follow the law (or instructions) laid out by God in the Old Testament.  The sacrifice that Jesus paid for us did not bring an end to the law because it is the nature of God, who does not change.  When Adam sinned, Satan demanded the death penalty for man in the act of treason against the kingdom of God in hopes that he could eliminate man and possess the Earth without any opposition.  The only way around this was to offer a substitutionary sacrifice through the blood of an animal, which God did when he took animal skins to dress Adam and Eve.  However, to find an eternal solution to this act of treason, it was necessary for God to establish the formal declaration of how his kingdom operates.  When God created the law through Moses, it formalized the law of God with all men and then immediately broken by the Jewish people, for it is impossible for fallen man to live up to the standards of God.  Because the Jews broke their covenant with God, they came under the “curse” of the law and sacrifices were instituted to protect man until a pure sacrifice in Jesus, a man without sin came into the world.  Jesus’ death took on the “curse” of the law and paid the required payment in his blood to take the place of man as demanded by Satan.  But he did it through establishing the covenant of the law so that we don’t have to be under the “curse” of the law.  Jesus stood in the gap and took the “curse” on himself so that we don’t have to receive the judgment of the “curse.”  Now, when we turn to Jesus and receive him by faith, we stand in his place and receive the life that was given to him by God for the justification that he paid the price.  We have placed ourselves under his blood and in doing that take on his nature and his kingdom.  And if we are of his kingdom, in him, in his love, then the PASSION of our heart is to fulfill the commandments of God we see in the law.  But because we are justified by faith through the anointing of Jesus when we do sin and fall short, we are covered by his blood and claim resolution and forgiveness through his blood not the blood of an animal, which has no power to cleanse us from our sins.  Therefore, Jesus did not come to abolish the law, but to pay the price for and abolish the “curse” of the law.  Jesus said that as long as heaven and earth remained the law would continue.  When we come to understand the unity of scriptures of the whole Bible, we enter into the magnificence of God and shape our lives to honor his kingdom through upholding the law of God.  All of these things are repeated in the New Testament when one pays attention to the location, context, and history.

Live in Yehovah’s LOVE!

Richard Billingsley


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