Meditations and Revelations

Things have been going sideways this months and I have been spending too much time putting out fires and not making the progress I would like, to the point that I have not set aside the time to ask the Lord what he wanted me to share with you.  I eventually set it before the Lord and went on with my business, until today.

A few weeks ago I was in a small meeting where they were having a group discussion and the subject got over onto the old Earth theory.  The Lord gave me a lot of notes after that meeting.  I thought that was the end of it and set those aside until I had the time to work on those notes and add them to the new book: The Kingdom Paradox.

Today, shortly after arriving at church today the Holy Spirit started another brain or rather a Spirit dump into my spirit.  I wrote down a few notes and set it aside during church.  After church it started again and I continued to sit there making notes of what was being given into my spirit.  From there I went to the Post Office to pick up the mail and once again sat in the car while I was given another download.  Rather than simply put these notes with the others, the Lord said to place them into my blog for this month.  Really!?

A Word of Warning:

I have not had the opportunity to flesh out these notes.  They are straight from the Holy Spirit as he gave them to me and it is not uncommon for him to download the high-level details, which later gets transformed into a full context teaching.  You are literally getting to read the raw download as it was given to me.  I have not altered it, smoothed it out or organized it into a readable format.  Don’t expected it to be a nice flowing message.  This is not a message.  This is the download as I got it from the Holy Spirit.  After this I will take this information, pray over it and format and placed in the proper context into the book.

The topic here is related to a teaching known as pre-Adamic Earth and the problems that most people never consider.  Just a portion of many revelations that have been given over the past few months.

Are you ready?

  1. How can Lucifer rule over a per-adamic earth? God would be required to give the earth to Lucifer first.  And if that was the case why would he rebel. He was already the highest created being. No one was higher or more powerful than he. He had no paradigm that anyone could be higher than him, that he would gain something he did not already have.  Additionally, if the earth was destroyed by Lucifer, it was his planet to do with as he wished. God would have no right to interfere. Then if it was destroyed and made void and formless by Lucifer, why would God want to use the exact same planet and recreated it for Adam.  He would have to revoke Lucifer’s right of ownership (AKA, steal it from Lucifer), then recreate the earth.
  2. Which creates another problem when God recreated the Earth and called the land good when it was full of death?  We live in a vast universe, with many galaxies and solar systems!  Why didn’t he go to another solar system and create a brand new planet for man?  Then, he could call the land good!
  3. By taking ownership away from Lucifer and giving it to Adam, Satan would have every right to take it away from man and God would have no right to interfere, because it belonged to Lucifer first. Which was a commandment established by God in the Jubilee.  God would be breaking his own law.
  4. Another conflict with the old Earth theory is the new Heavens and new earth teaching. If it is no small thing for God to recreate the universe, why would God even reuse a destroyed planet to recreate it into a new world for Adam? The imaginations of man to formulate such a misguided concept of recreation of an old Earth makes God out to be weak and unable to recreate a new earth in a new location, where Lucifer would have no rights. This is what is known as vain  imaginations that do not take into consideration the nature, abundant love  and power of God.
  5. The abundant over flowing love and grace of God is not going to use a second hand, dilapidated, run down rock of a planet to create a place for his creation. Created in his image, with his power and authority to bless the beginning of man with.  He is going to create a brand new, sparkling, magnificent  home that man can enjoy to the fullest. Not a run down twice used junk yard.  No!  That is the vain imaginations of fallen man trying to create an excuse that an unsaved world can accept and fit into the world’s framework of understanding.

Yes, it truly does start out that rough and over time is fleshed out into something that is easy to understand with scriptural contexts and historical relevance.

Live in Yehovah’s Love!

Richard Billingsley


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