Psalms 35:27 instructs us to SHOUT the name Yehovah.
is great,
who delights in the
of his servant!”

His name is not “LORD,” it is Yehovah (see the blogs below to learn more) and before Constantine there was no fear in speaking his name. His name was known to all Christendom. Our God enjoys being called by his real name: Yehovah. Practice it, get comfortable with it, because we are going to hear it for the rest of eternity.

Most English translations use “peace, prosperity, well-being,” etc to replace the word here, which is shalom. Shalom means all the above and so much more. In simple terms it means: Nothing missing, nothing broken.

Our words form the world we live. Use the right words to make it your world the best!

Live in Yehovah’s Love!

Richard Billingsley


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