Rick Renner was at church today and gave an insightful message as always. Rick Renner is a Biblical linguist and historian who has insight and understanding about scriptures that I have rarely heard in other historical teachers. He talked on James 1:1-17. And there is far more there than one can even imagine.

One of the words he taught on was “Grace.” I have heard many definitions of grace, but nothing like this.

To begin… Grace IS NOT a Christian word. It has its roots in paganism and means “to be touched by god” and was used to refer to a person who had been empowered beyond the normal human ability to accomplish amazing feats that a “normal” person would never be able to do in their own strength. Pagan mythology is filled with stories of normal men who are “graced” by a god to accomplish superhuman feats.

In Christianity, we are anointed by Christ to live HOLY (separated unto Yehovah for a special purpose) lives empowered to lives like God.

Grace is NOT the freedom to live a sin-filled life and consider oneself saved. Nowhere is this taught in the Bible and is a deceptive teaching and if not brought back into alignment with the word of God’s grace can result in being cast out into the darkness (Matt 25:30)

Live in God’s LOVE!

Richard Billingsley


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