Rejoice He is Coming!

I wanted to share with you what happened to me at church today.  I really didn’t feel like going to church today and was thinking of staying at home and watching it online.  But, the Holy Spirit told me to go to church.

Once there the service started as it normally does in singing praise and I entered into a time or worshiping Yeshua (Jesus).  While worshiping I heard the rest of the assembly singing and noted the level of singing that I was hearing.

The entire service was worship and ministry time, the pastor did not give a sermon.  Somewhere midway through the time of worship, I noticed that the sound of the assembly had changed.  I was hearing more sound than what was being made by the assembly.  This assembly was not making this sound.  This was a level of praise that was beyond the natural.  I was hearing the voices of the angels singing with the assembly and it was louder than just an audio system would be even if it was turned up.  I looked around me expecting to see angels or a manifestation of the Holy Spirit but saw nothing.  Just the realization that it was louder than just this assembly.

After the worship time, there was a time of ministry and healing.  The pastors walked through the assembly ministering and blessing.

Let me ask you.

Are you giving yourself into the hands of the master?  Are you spending time worshiping and praising him?  Worship is not singing.  Praise is singing and worship of pouring your heart out in love with Yeshua and Yehovah.  Praising is good and we need to do that.  But more we need to be worshiping (loving) our Lord and God.

Something to think about…

Live in Yehovah LOVE!

Richard Billingsley


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