A few days ago (Sept 2017), the Lord gave me a vision. The vision started out in space as I approached a planet. The Holy Spirit said this was the New Earth and it was even more beautiful than our present planet Earth as seen from space. The planet glistened like a diamond from space and as I approached I realized it was the crystal canopy that was glistening in the sunlight. As I approached the canopy became crystal clear ice in the shape of polygons like large crystals several feet across. These crystals moved and shifted like the clouds, slowly moving with other crystals and changing positions. The edges were tapered with smooth edges which seems to connect one crystal to another. The canopy acts as a shield from the sun blocking dangerous rays, but allowing sunlight in. Moderating the temperature over the entire planet. It is never too hot or too cold. There were also gaps in the canopy that moved as the crystals moved. The canopy covered most of the earth. As my flight continued I passed through one of the openings in the canopy and looked back at the canopy as I passed it. One could see through the crystals and see the stars as the crystals seemed to act like magnifying glasses. Each crystal could literally be called a window in the heavens because one could see right through them. They are mentioned in Genesis 1:6-8 as the waters above the expanse and in 7:11 as the windows of heaven opening as those crystals would have appeared as windows breaking up in the sky as they fell to the earth and turning into rain. As my flight took me toward the ground and I saw clouds and rain and snow on the mountaintops. I flew over what could only be described as the Garden of Eden. It was huge and amazingly beautiful and even more so when I saw a large dinosaur walking by a tree and a smaller dinosaur nearby grazing in the field. I looked up and in the distance, I was flying toward this massively magnificently white city that had to be the New Jerusalem (I’ve been there many times) and at that point, the vision ended.

This isn’t the first flash vision I have been given and God has taken me throughout the span of time from the creation of the universe and eons into the future. So, this is just another deposit in a long string of revelations of what the Lord has in store for those who LOVE him.

Live in God’s LOVE!

Richard Billingsley


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