Miracle Healing from Sleep Apnea

On Sunday, September 25, 2016, at 7:30 PM God healed me of sleep apnea in the evening service at Eagle Mountain Church.

I had suffered from breathing disorders since I was a teenager and was believing God for a healing for many years.  God worked a plan in my life as I had made other plans, but God caused me to attend the morning service at EMIC on Sunday, September 25, 2016.  I had forgotten that Billy Burke was going to be ministering that day and was expecting a regular church service.  When I learned he was going to be ministering I was not expecting anything to happen as I had claimed my healing many years ago and confessed that I am healed and praise God for it every day.  While the manifestation of my healing had not yet come, I would wake up in the middle of the night with my heart racing and have to sleep in a chair to get some sleep.  This problem has existed for as long as I can remember.  From problems snoring as a teenager.  Several years ago the problem had gotten serious enough where I had a sleep test and was told that I had severe Sleep Apnea, to the point that even the two-way breathing machines would not help and it could result in a heart attack and I could die in my sleep.  The problem was so bad that even when wide awake if I laid down on a bed and relaxed my throat the airway would become immediately closed off.  I would wake up exhausted and have to take naps in my chair and it was very difficult to get anything done because I was always exhausted.  I would often take naps and fall asleep almost anywhere given the opportunity.

Last Sunday morning Billy Burke mentioned someone getting healed of sleep apnea, the Holy Spirit moved on me to expect my own healing to manifest.  I inquired of the Lord what I should do and He said Sunday night.  So, I came back Sunday evening expecting.  During the service, the Lord told me when to get in the line.  I got up and waited for my time for healing.  It didn’t seem like much there wasn’t any fireworks or flashes of light.  Brother Billy Burke asked me what I wanted and I said I want to be healed of sleep apnea.  He asked me a few questions and then put his hands on me and I came under the power of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit told me to lay still for a couple of minutes then allowed me to get up.  I didn’t feel anything major, but my throat felt tighter than it had been previously.  When I went to bed that night I laid on my back and relaxed my throat.  Nothing happened!  The airway did not close like it had in the past and it was then that I felt what can only be described as an incision in my throat.  Something had been cut away in a semi-circular cut.  When I was laying on the floor an Angel had cut away a small portion of what was causing my problem.

Since that night I have had sound sleep and woken up refresh and energized every day.  My throat feels different, tighter and when I relax I keep breathing.  My body doesn’t know what to do as it has been trained to avoid relaxing in bed.  I’m going to have to relearn how to sleep.

Praise the Lord!

Thank you, Jesus!

Live in God’s LOVE!Richard Billingsley


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