With all the turmoil happening around us, there have been many speaking out saying that we need to return the church and nation to the way it used to be.  But I tell you the Spirit of God says:

“NO!  Do not fear what is coming!  Do not seek to return to the ways of the past but press forward toward the Glorious Church, toward a Glorious nation.  The Church that I have planned for you.  This calling is for my Church in every nation.  It is going to require you to stand up and become what I have called you to be.  To be all you can be.  To be the body of Christ, the Bride of Christ.  There is so much more that I have planned for you.  I have a glorious future planned for you, but  you must press into it.  You must prepare for it.  You must understand it.

“This World has entered the time of its end.  It has entered the time of the Sixth Seal and there is no going back.  You have passed the point of no return and everything that was prophesied in the scriptures will be fulfilled.  But the world is not ready for these things, they don’t understand what is happening to them, they are lost, but you are the light of the world and you have my Spirit to lead you.  But you must throw off the ways of this world and the desire to return to way things were and press forward in faith into my PASSION, my desire, my way of doing things and let my glory shine through you to a lost and dying world and become the glorious Bride that I have been waiting for.”

Live in God’s LOVE!Richard Billingsley


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