Dimensional Physics – Lesson 2

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Early in my training, when I was in my 20’s, the Lord sat me down and told me He was going to teach me Dimensional Physics.  While I was somewhat familiar with the “earthly” concept of dimensions and physics I had never studied the subject.  Now God was going to teach me Dimensional Physics from His point of view.  I was really not prepared for what He shared with me.  I thought it was a mental exercise to stretch my thinking.  That first lesson was very basic and simple, but it did challenge my thinking.  Then over the years, He would add to it, a little bit at a time.

Last year the Lord inspired me to create a teaching on it sharing just the simplest concepts.  That was lesson one.  Then the other day I was at lunch with my dear friend’s Pastors Dr. Pancho and Karen Valenzuela and they inspired me again to add another lesson to that teaching.

Lesson 2 takes you to the next step showing the phases and explaining what they are and how we will use them in the Kingdom of God. You can read the lesson by clicking on the link below.

Dimensional Physics

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