About a week ago I was giving a presentation and the questions gave rise to the thought of how I could make the chart and timeline more informative.  Today I have uploaded updates to both the Revelation Cross Reference Chart and Revelation Timeline Graphic.  Both files are now PDF formats that can be viewed, zoomed and downloaded to be more flexible.  The layout of neither has changed, but the labels have been updated to be more descriptive.

For example;  As I explain in detail in the book: “Tell Them to Prepare – The Final Restoration” the First Seal, the White Horse cannot be an individual (IE.Antichrist) as that would conflict with the context of the other three horses.  The other three horses are clearly events therefore the first horse must also be an event.  When we look at each of these events we begin to discover that they are events that can clearly be seen in history.  The White Horse is the escalation of Terrorism used by nations as tools of war, which began in the late 1800’s.  The 2nd Seal is the escalation of war to the world stage represented by World War 1 in 1914 and World War 2 in 1939.  All these seals represent events escalating to events on the world stage.  (Read the book for details.)  These events are not the initial revelation of a single event as all of these have existed throughout history, the removal of the seals represents the emergence or escalation of these events onto the world stage or on going events that will be impacting the whole world not just a single event or location.

This updated chart and timeline reflect those events and will be added to the book in the near future.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Live in God’s LOVE!

Richard Billingsley


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