It’s that time of year again and time for the call of God to go out.  He has some questions for everyone and asks:
Are you seeking first Kingdom of God and His way of doing things?
Do you want all these other things added to you?
Do you want the true blessings of this season of celebration?

God has reserved special blessings for those whose heart are focused on pleasing Him.  If we truly are seeking His Kingdom above our own desires and want to do the things that please Him the most, then let us throw off the deceptions of this world and pursue and cling to those times of celebration that God gives us in His word.  The world is changing and a division must come.  There will be those who will cling to their traditions of men, thinking that God doesn’t care as long as we do it in His name.  But that is not what He says in His word.  He calls on us to throw off the things of this world and pursue Him with our whole heart.  That means leaving behind celebrations we used to think were ordained by God but now we understand that God had nothing to do with them and He has called us to a higher form of celebration.  His celebrations give Him glory, while the celebrations of this world celebrate and give glory to a pagan tree and its  god.   Therefore, let us pursue those things that are of God.

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The Holiday Paradox

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Live in God’s LOVE!

Richard Billingsley


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