A Miracle – What was lost is restored.

I had a really serious scare the other day when my laptop crashed on me.  The crash wasn’t what scared me.  It’s what happened after, that did.  I rebuilt my laptop and installed the restore program.  But the restore only found about 10% of the data then stopped and reported that the file was corrupted.  I tried the restore a second time, but got the same results.

All the important documents, my ministry teachings, articles I had been working on and all my personal files were gone.  There were no documents or download files restored.  My heart sank at what was in front of me.  There was literally years of information going back over 20 years that was lost.  All of my notes, books, articles, documents, were gone.  All the revelations that God had given me were gone.  All the programs that I had downloaded and used were gone.  All the audio files and pictures that I had were gone.  I didn’t know what I was going to do.  I went to bed disappointed and wondering how am I going to rebuild all that information?  To say the least it was not a good night’s sleep.

The next morning the Holy Spirit woke me up.  He said to lay both hands on the backup drive and say:  “I AM BLESSED!  What was lost is restored!”  I got up took the hard drive in my hands and spoke those words as God directed.  I prayed a little more and then connected the drive to the laptop.

I started the restore again.  This time the backup restored 50% of the data, restoring all of the most important files.  All of the documents and downloaded files were restored.  The only files that were missing are the pictures and music (audio) files.  While some of those were desired, they are not a serious loss.  I have also contacted the software company and sent them information hoping they have a tool to recover the rest.

Praise the Lord!  What was lost is RESTORED!

Live in God’s LOVE!

Richard Billingsley


I have been working all day with the help desk and using several tools in an attempt to recover and/or restore the remaining files. Nothing has worked or improved the situation. The help desk said if it can’t be repaired with these tools. Then the only alternative is to physically send the drive to a special recovery company, which could cost up to $1000, to have them de-compile the drive and reassemble the data. And even then there is no guarantee.

All attempts since the miracle this morning have been unable to get past the 10% data recovery point and the fact that I was able to restore 50% of the data this morning was indeed a miracle.

God gave me what I needed and the rest was not really important.

Only God knows how important those revelations are for this ministry in the last days.  He considered it important enough to restore what was needed.  God considered them important enough that He wanted them restored.

This is a ministry of restoration, what a wonderful way to save it.


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