What MUST Happen Before the Rapture!

There has been a lot of speculation and claims from many who are declaring that the Rapture of the Bride can happen at any moment.  But what they do not realize is that Jesus declared that before He returns there must be a Final Restoration of understanding of scriptures.  That restoration is manifesting itself right now and it is showing us that many of the things we believe about the last days and the Rapture are based in interpretation of scriptures that violate very important commandments given by God warning us not to do the very things we did anyway, which corrupted our understanding of Bible Prophecy and blinded us for centuries.

These traditions are breaking off the eyes of Christians who have received this revelation and now see that the book of Revelation has been hidden from us until this appointed time.  In that revelation we discover that the book of Revelation is not one story, but actually seven stories and when we apply Biblical principles we discover that the Rapture is mentioned three times in three different stories that all happen as one event at the same time.  But before that event happens there are many things that must happen before that day manifests.

Below is a quick and simple outline of the events that must happen before the Rapture can occur.  Read it, share it and prepare yourself and your family what must happen before the Lord comes to take His Bride.

Read more about these events and what MUST happen before the Rapture can occur.
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What MUST Happen Before the Rapture!
Live in God’s LOVE!Richard Billingsley


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