Celebrate Christmas God’s Way

Sukkot, The Festival of Tabernacles runs Oct 9-15. It is believed that Sukkot is the true celebration of Christ’s birth. Since God established these “Feasts of the Lord” and this festival celebrates Christ’s birth, this year setup a small shelter or manger scene and celebrate Christmas as God intended. Not as the world does by setting up a Christmas tree and putting gifts under that, which is actually worshiping the pagan goddess Asherah. Something God said not to do in Deut. 12:2-4. We may not be under the law, but God said it for a reason. Shouldn’t we as HIS followers want to do things HIS way and have nothing to do with the ways of this world? Instead of worshiping Asherah by putting gifts under a tree, why not worship Christ by put your gifts before HIM instead? (James 4:4-10, 1 John 2:15-17)

Then if you want, leave it up until the end of the year as a declaration that you worship the truth, not the world.

Live In God’s Love!

Richard Billingsley

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