The word Shemitah means to release, fall, collapse or shake and on September 24 we begin a Shemitah year or a time of shaking.  Connected with of the Shemitah is the word tower as Jonathan explains in this video.  But there is also another kind of tower that is built by man that can be used here and these are the Traditions of Men.  These traditions take scripture out of context and ignore commandments in the word of God to create teachings that darken and hide the truth of the scripture from our eyes and become so powerful that we cannot see anything else.  I find it interesting that in August 2014 the Lord told me that we are entering the time of the Sixth Seal and to take note of the New Year starting in September 2014 on Rosh Hashana.  I was not aware that this up coming year is going to be a Shemitah year, but the mix of these two means that these traditions of men are going to fall and we will see the truth that rests in the revelation of The Final Restoration.

Lift up your head for your redemption is drawing near.

Watch this video several times.  There is no way you can get it all watching it just once.

Click the link below to watch the video.

The Year of the Shemitah

Live in God’s Love!

Richard Billingsley


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