We are Now Entering the Time of The Sixth Seal!

Why is this Important to You?

As we enter into these last days our understanding of God’s word is being restored and one thing we see repeated over and over again is that just because we are a Christian, it is no guarantee that we will qualify for the Rapture.  Because those who are Raptured are going to have a very unique and special place in the Kingdom of God.  Those who are not Raptured may be saved, but they will not enjoy the glory or the privileges of those who were Raptured, throughout eternity.  God has been preparing me for over 40 years to prepare you for this very day and hour.  To ensure that you are prepared for what is coming on the world and even more to qualify you to be included in the Rapture.  That is the focus of this website and ministry.
To Prepare You!
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And at the beginning of God’s New Year, Rosh Hashana on September 24-26 the time of the Sixth Seal will begin.  Over the past decade I have been saying that we were right at the end of the 5th seals and getting ready to transition into the 6th Seal.  This is something that I have been waiting to hear ever since I was told what my calling was and this last week that word changed when the Holy Spirit began saying that we are now entering into the time of the Sixth Seal.  He also said to take note that the New Year beginning next month in September on 24-26 with Rosh Hashana will be the beginning of the Sixth Seal.

One has but to look at the world around us to recognize that something is changing as there has been escalation of a number of events all over the world from the war in Gaza, which has brought a rapid rise in Antisemitism around the world, to the declaration of the Caliphate and the atrocities around that.  As well as the war in Ukraine, including Russia’s involvement in these events and their efforts to transform the world economy.  All of these events are setting the stage for the Tribulation and Armageddon, which will begin with the Seventh Seal.

What does it all mean?
To get an understanding of what this change means us make sure you have the “Revelation Cross Reference Chart” available and study it.  Below is a cutout of the Sixth Seal from that chart:

I am not going to go into detail as each of these events are covered in detail in the book: Tell Them to Prepare – The Final Restoration and is available on Amazon Kindle.  Each of the first six seals are all of undefined length of  time with the 1st seal beginning with the rise of terrorism.  The Seventh Seal is the beginning of the 3 1/2 years of Tribulation, which occurs right after the Rapture and is very short.

It is important to understand that the events of the Sixth Seal do not happen in any specific order and should be looked at as many events happening at the same time and that intensity of these events will flow up and down during this period but the pressure to surrender to them will always get stronger.  For example the Christians battle against the spirit of Antichrist is already here and will continue to grow stronger as time progresses.  Christians must be ready to stand strong in their faith because we will do battle with the Antichrist and that includes his followers through anti-christian and antisemitism.

What is of utmost importance during this time is that Christians be filled with the LOVE of Christ and demonstrate that LOVE in their lives.  There will be intense hatred all around you and you must resist the pressure to become offended at what others are doing.  Once offense is allowed in Satan has a tool that he can use against you.  So, do not give any place for him to take control of your life (Matt 24:10).

A division within the Church will become apparent as those who walk in the LOVE of Christ will experience more joy, more peace and more blessings than they have ever experienced before.  While those who ignore the LOVE of Christ and those who believe they can pick and choose what they believe about God and the Bible will begin to experience more sadness, more fear and more offense as they slide farther away from the Glory of God.  Do not hide your LOVE from them for they need to see that their way is not working and many will abandon the deceptions of religion for a true relationship with Jesus Christ, but the time will come when it will be too late even for them.

A great outpouring of the Spirit of God will be experienced all over the world and many will turn to the Lord, but even this will be in the midst of persecution.  Don’t let fear enter in thinking one can hide in the mountains, for Rev 21:8 tells us that cowards will not enter the kingdom of God.  Instead stand strong in faith and rest in the LOVE of Jesus Christ who will reward you.  Those who stand strong will  shine as beacons of God and be blessed at the glorification.

In the beginning the Caliphate will be unstable and may even falter, but it will form and once it reaches ten nations the Antichrist will be allowed to appear.  There will be much deception for those who do not know their God.  Stand strong and lift up your voice in praise to God. Then when the abomination of desolation is setup in the temple, rejoice for the time of your glorification has come and there will be a 30 day window during which the Rapture will occur and after that the Tribulation will begin.

Lift up your heads for our redemption is drawing near! (Luke 21:28)

Live in God’s Love!

Richard Billingsley


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