This is the third in a series of emails that have been sent to me about my teachings found on this website.

3rd Email

Thank you for  your prayers and I am praying for you as well.  I am believing for God to provide the resources needed to fulfill the calling that He has on my life and I am anxious to see those resources as I move forward.  I am always praying for God’s people and asking for His wisdom and direction in my life so that I can touch those He sends me to.  I have a burning desire to share these revelations that God has given me, but I refuse to move until the Holy Spirit brings the empowerment to do so.  Until I hear God say go, He opens those doors, providing the empowerment and resources to fulfill that command, any attempt to do so would be a vain struggle without Him.

Don’t wait to seek understanding of Bible Prophecy.  There are many “Traditions of Men” out there that would want you to think their way, but only through understanding the wisdom of the Word of God can we be prepare ourselves to stand against such deceptions.  Take your time and study the articles on the website first and once you have done that get the book on Amazon Kindle and study that as well.  The book is not something that is casual reading, but requires patience.  So, read a little and meditate on it.  Let the insight of those revelations prove them selves out, then read a little more.  The book is written as a Bible study and starts simple then gradually adds more and more revelation.  Full understanding of the things in that book requires reading the book several times.  God is the one who gave it to me to write as a book and I see fresh insight in it each time I read it.  So, do not hinder yourself in seeking wisdom, but search for it as for gold and God will reward you.

Live in God’s Love.

Richard Billingsley


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