This is the second in a series of emails that have been sent to me about my teachings found on this website.

2nd Email

This is my 2nd email in answer to your questions.

You ask how you can know if what I say is for real or just some made up story.  The simple answer to that is study it out in the word of God.  Nothing I share is unscriptural, but some of it requires the understanding of a mature Christian.  It can all be studied out in the Bible.  My calling is to bring the Final Restoration mentioned in Acts 3:21 and when God brings a restoration it is always difficult to accept in the beginning because our traditions have never been exposed to that understanding.  It takes time study and prove out that these things are true and in the word of God.  That is why I have so many teachings on the website that show the same revelation from different perspectives using the Bible.

You mention something about me saying that something was added to Daniel or that it was written wrong.  Nothing in the Bible is in error or written incorrectly.  What I teach is that teachers or scholars of the Bible have taken many scriptures out of context and misinterpreted those scriptures which are in conflict with the commandments of God.  In my book: “Tell Them to Prepare – The Final Restoration” especially the chapter “Dilemma with Daniel” I show over and over again how Bible scholars took liberties with the word of God and created interpretations that are actually out of context within the Bible and these teachings have become Traditions of Men within the Church.  Traditions are very powerful beliefs that are difficult for anyone to break free of, but “Traditions of Men” are even more insidious as they take a passage of scripture and insert man made ideas into them and once these become established in the Church they are traps that hinder our understanding and block our freedom and blessings from God.  Breaking the power of these is a big part of my teachings.

Now as to your question about waiting on God you have only to study it out in the Bible.  Everything with God is timed out perfectly and He has appointed times for everything.  Many of the prophets in the Bible spent a great deal of time waiting for God to tell them to move and do something.  John the Baptist waited in the wilderness until it was time for Jesus to come.  Jesus told his own mother that it was not His time at the wedding of Cana in John 2.  Everything has its time and to move before that time can throw God’s plans out of sync.  The more important it is the more control He apples to that timing.  I talk about these things in: “My Personal Testimony” and share how there are three levels of calling and the highest of these are those whom He calls “Timepieces.”

Now, being not only called, but called as a “Timepiece” has its own price to pay.  Most people would never understand the extremes that have occurred in my life.  Just because someone has been to heaven does not mean they won’t suffer.  In fact the scriptures tell us in Luke 12:48 that those who are given much, much is required.  And many times those things we must endure are not understood.  I apologize, but I have to laugh when someone thinks a person who has gone to heaven is always going to be on fire for the Lord.  I am on fire for the Lord and He is my sole purpose in life, but that zeal is not without its pain, including the pain I feel that I want to get this word out but it must be done in God’s time.  The foundations are being built but it must be God who builds it.  If I move under my own strength, it will fall to the ground.  This ministry will only glorify God if it is empowered by the Holy Spirit and if He is not inside it and behind it pushing it forward it is not going to happen and it will only happen in His timing.  Jeremiah was known as the crying prophet and just because someone is sad does not mean they are not being led by the Spirit.  My heart cries because I know what is coming and the troubles we see around us are only the beginnings of the suffering that is to come and the Church is not aware or ready for these things.  Jesus said in John 5:19 that He can only do what He sees the Father doing.  As much as I want to move forward, I can’t do anything until I see the Father doing it.

I hope this answers your questions.

Please fill free to ask more questions.

Live in God’s Love!

Richard Billingsley


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