I recently had a conversation with a young man who later sent me an email with a lot of questions.  It took me two emails, but I hope I answered his questions.  I am sure there are others who have the same questions.  So, I am posting an edited version of those answers here.

1st Email

Thank you for your email.  I appreciate your taking the time to compose your questions and send them to me.

You’ve asked a lot of questions and I will attempt to answer all of them, but it will take some time to do so.  I believe a lot of what you would like to know can be found on my website: www.richinsight.org.  Especially by going through “The Final Restoration” CD.

Both the “My Personal Testimony” and “The Final Restoration” articles will give you a great deal of background information on my life, calling and why God would tell someone not to speak until the appointed time.

To add to what the above articles say, the Lord put me in the office of a Prophet when I was 18 years old.  Prophets are an odd breed within the Church and many of them are introverts, they don’t talk a lot and the reason for that is because they are always tuned inward listening to the Spirit of God.  They are always seeking to be led by the Holy Spirit, as moving before He says go can cause a lot of problems all around.

This waiting in itself can create turmoil within the Prophet, because he knows his calling, but had can’t move until God says.  Proverbs 13:12 say it well:

            Pro 13:12 (NLT)  Hope deferred makes the heart sick,but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.

A case in point is when a preacher friend and I discussed me preaching at his church and I did not fully consult with the Holy Spirit if I should.  While I have been released to preach the word, I did not get clearance from God to speak at that point in time.  What happened on that day was one of the biggest ice storms of the year, so bad that many churches cancelled their services.  Was it God doing it?  No, I don’t blame God, but the timing of it hit me because of it and it put me back in a place of seeking God to open the door at His Word, not mans.

Over the years I have had many visions and dreams about my calling and I know what I am called to do, but I don’t know how I am supposed to do it.  And because of that there are things that I have not revealed within the teachings on the website, because I it is not yet time.

Now, as far as wanting evidence for what I teach, everything that I teach follows extremely strict rules of interpretation of the scriptures.  As are outlined in my book: Tell Them to Prepare – A Final Restoration in the chapter: Dilemma with Daniel.  As far as historical evidences, I provide some of them in the book, but I also do not point fingers at those who erred in this way.  I teach the word, not those who made a mistake.  As a case in point you can do a search for “Origins of a Seven Year Tribulation” and you will find a large number of articles telling who, what and when this teaching began back in the mid 1800’s.  But what they did was to take a verse out of context in Daniel, which was sealed until the days were fulfilled and that did not happen until the 1950’s.  Everything in the articles I write is historically supported and is not something I made up, but I am not going to finger point and lay blame.  In fact in the article: “The Final Restoration” I give a view of history from God’s point of view and it is written as He gave it to me and you will find the above information about the origins of a Seven Year Tribulation, but in it I also say that those who created this teaching didn’t even realize what they were doing.  They were acting on the understanding that they had at that time.  While our understanding today has revealed enough revelation and restoration from God that we are now mature enough to realize that this teaching was wrong.

I could keep going here, but I don’t want drag on in a long email.  So, I will wrap it up with this.  Study “The Final Restoration” CD on the website and also study the “Revelation Cross Reference Chart” and “Revelation Timeline Graphic” that give an overview of my teachings.  I will try to answer your other questions and send them in another email.

Live in God’s Love!

Richard Billingsley


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