I have long wondered when God would allow me to share certain things in my life that I was ordered to keep silent about.  I have been obedient in following the Lord’s command and today He is for the first time allowing me to share with you my personal testimony, which contains insight into the reasons for many of the events in my life and why I have not been allowed to share those things with my friends.  It has even been until just recently that even my closest of friends have never heard some of these things.  Now I can share them and reveal, that I’m not really crazy, It’s just that I couldn’t say anything until the appointed time.

We are quickly approaching the return of Jesus and the time of my calling to be activated has come.  The Lord has kept me hidden until the appointed time for me to step up and reveal what the Lord has spent a lifetime teaching me.  The appointed time has come and the time for His return is near.  If you could see what I see you would be rejoicing and celebrating with me.

Take a few minutes and read it:


It is also available under the “More Insight” tab.

Live in God’s Peace!

Richard Billingsley


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