Secrets of the Jubilee – It’s Supernatural

Here’s another It’s Supernatural that I would encourage you to watch.  There are things we need to do now to prepare for things that are coming.  Watch how you can take steps to prepare.

Click this link: you don’t voluntarily practice the Jubilee in your own life, then at some point you will be forced into a Jubilee and when that happens you will end up losing everything and it will be transferred to those who did practice the Jubilee (Prov 13;22).

Not only do we need to get out of debt, but we must learn to follow our calling that God has given us.  By seeking first the Kingdom of God in fulfilling our purpose we step into a place where we find joy in the work we do and God will be the one who will meet all our needs, not the job we hate going to.  We break free from serving other gods (Mammon) and focus on serving God only.  Then He shows us what it is in our lives that He has called us to do and what will bring us the greatest joy in our lives.

One of the reasons the Jews prosper is because they understand how money works.  For example, most people put all their money into one jar (account) and then pay their tithe and bills out of that hoping that they will have enough left over to live on.  The Jews put the money they make into several accounts to protect that money for a given purpose.  They would put there money into different accounts like the following:
1. Tithe – 10%
2. Offering – 10%
3. Savings – 10%
4. Investments – 20%
5. Spending – 50%

Live in God’s Peace.

Richard Billingsley


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