I’ve got a fun one for you today.  Especially for those of you who like science. 
Several years ago (1980’s) I was talking with the Lord and we got over on the subject of supernatural manifestations and more specifically occurrences where items were held in place when they should have fallen or when people were blocked from access to a certain location.  I had heard stories and seen pictures where persons had a supernatural manifestation where a pool of blood appeared on their hand akin to where Jesus has nail scars.  Yet when these people held up their hands the blood did not run down their arm.  Another manifestation we talked about was when the glory of God appeared in a room during a visitation and then someone attempted to enter that room they were blocked at the threshold as if by a force field.  I asked the Lord to explain what it was that did that.
Okay, for those of you who are always negative and always skeptical of things you don’t understand… go play somewhere else, today’s blog is not for you.  The rest of you who want some fun can keep reading.

When I asked that question, most of you would think He would say something like the “Glory” and that is a natural assumption and for most an acceptable answer.  But that is not the answer I got.  The answer I got was something that I never expected or heard of before that day.

The Lord said He used: “MAGMA Force

I replied: “MAGMA Force!  What is MAGMA Force?”

The Lord replied: “MAGMA Force is MAGnetic Muon Acceleration.”

Oh, wow!  I knew it when I heard it.  I was about to get another science lesson from God.

Are you ready?  Then keep reading.

The Lord said that muon’s are elementary particle associated with electrons and if emitted in a dense stream and contained in a magnetic field it can block physical penetration without causing damage to the object.

For God creating this field is simple as He understands all the interactions and knows how to create the field in any shape He desires.  But He said that man’s technology was nowhere near the level needed to create such a field.  When man does reach that level the early basic field generators will look something like this.  And he gave me the image below (labeled just for you).

What is required is a strong magnetic field that is spinning around the emitter and collector, essentially creating a magnetic tube.  Once the magnetic tube is established a dense stream of muon particles is released from the emitter and captured by the collector.  The field itself is invisible, but if one attempted to pass an object through the field it would bounce off as if hitting a hard rubber surface.  The hardness is controlled by the density of the muon stream.  If it is too weak it could pass through, too dense and it would be like hitting a brick wall.

You can read about muons at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muon

Laugh if you want.  I don’t understand it and can’t prove any of it.  Especially, how such a thing can work with such a short life span.  But it is what God showed me and He’s never lied to me.  This MAGMA Force could very well been what allowed Jesus to walk on water.  Heaven has technology, it is just way far ahead of us.  We won’t know for sure until science can create muons fast enough to build such a device.

I do enjoy science; therefore the Lord has blessed me showing things like this.  Maybe one of these days I’ll tell you what He taught me about: Dimensional Physics.

Now that is one real brain twister.

Live in God’s Peace.

Richard Billingsley


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