Evolution of a Book Cover – Final & What It All Means

The cover has been completed!   Here is the final version of the book cover.  And below that you can read what the symbolism means.  Read the previous Evolution of a Book Cover posts: Part I, Part II and Part III.  Plus the vision that started it all.

In the final edit just about everything was tweaked.

  1. The swords were reduced in size slightly to make room for the space above and allow for a lower angle across the cover.
  2. The hourglass was lowered and made just slightly smaller.
  3. The clouds were reworked, removing the original sun and warping the center to be closer together to make more room for the man.  The lower left corner of the clouds were burned in to make them darker.
  4. Created a new sun using Gimps built in flare tool on its own layer.
  5. The man was lowered to make use of the lowered clouds and give room to lower the main title.
  6. The main title was lowered, re-sized and positioned to be more prominent.
  7. Found a gold trumpet right when I needed it.  The biggest challenge was creating the blasting sound effect at the horns bell.  Gimp had a lot of tools I had to learn how to use and then experiment with each of them until I discovered the final effect used above.  The horn was then positioned over the title and then edited so that it appears that the horn is coming through the word “Prepare.”

Overall it is a really good representation of the vision.  Not perfect, but almost.

What it all Means

This book is a revelation from the Lord that took more than 25 years to write.  A revelation about the book of Revelation and understanding of Bible Prophecy.  After 10 years of being in lock down (or the wilderness, if you prefer), not being allowed to share these teachings because it was not time.  The Lord has declared that the time is NOW!  This book is important, but even more important is the message He has called me to share in His timing.  This book is God’s calling card, the evidence that God has sent me and the importance of the message He has given me to share in these last few minutes of these last days.  All things must be restored before His return and this book is a restoration reserved for the last days to be released for His Church to prepare them for His return.  This book is just the beginning of the revelation of what God has sent me to share.

On December 14, 2011 (click here) the Lord gave me a vision of what this book cover should look like and a description of the cover (click here).  Since the Lord did not bring anyone into my life to help in this matter I took to the task to create it as best I could.  Here is how the Lord explained what the different elements in the cover represent.

The center of the earth is Israel and that is where the focus of the final battle for this planet is going to be fought.  The two swords represent the two sides in conflict – truth and deception.  The sword on the left is deception, it may look like the sword on the right, but it is cold steel with no life or strength.  The end of its power is seen as the evening approaches from the lower left.  Notice that the sword of steel is under the golden sword of truth on the right as truth is going to be victorious over deception.  The golden sword of truth is on fire from the Holy Spirit giving life and strength to the sword.  The blood on the edge of the sword tells of the victories won over the enemy deception, while the lack of any marks on the steel sword represent it failure to overcome the sword of truth, which is the Word of God.  Both of these are in battle as the last grains of time run out of the hourglass beneath them.  The last few grains of sand flowing through the hourglass tells us that time is up, there is no more time left.  The end of this age has come and a new age will soon begin.  Above the clouds the sun is rising giving light to a new day about to begin.   As the new day arrives a gold trumpet sounds bringing forth those called into glorious resurrection in the rapture.  The man coming out of the clouds is of a glorified man who has just been raptured.  It is not a depiction of Jesus or any angel.  The position of the trumpet repeats the importance of its message.  Coming through the word signifies the importance of being prepared.

The next step will be to publish the book on Kindle, then other e-publishers after that.

I look forward to sharing the other insights that the Lord has called me to.

Live in God’s Peace

Richard Billingsley

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