The drama of the accident is mostly over.  We received the insurance payout today and spent the entire day looking and waiting on the vehicle we choose.  We left the house this morning around 10:00 AM after the insurance check arrived and headed for the bank to convert that into cash.  We were not sure if the bank would allow that, but we had favor and everything was approved for getting cash.  We then headed out to three different dealers to look at, test drive and negotiate a price on the vehicle we were going to purchase.  We finally settled on a 2001 White Ford Taurus, which had been given a complete overhaul, new tires and was in great condition.  The best thing is that most of the minor things wrong with the car were fixed by the dealer and the one item they couldn’t fixed they knocked $100 off the price of the car.  Once the car was ready we returned the rental, picked up our new Ford Taurus and got home right around 6:00 PM.  Considering that the previous car was also a 2001 Taurus and that there were certain things that needed work, this crash actually ended up giving us a car in better condition than the one previously had.  For an equal trade I think we did pretty good.  Thank you Lord.

As for the book cover, this accident has been a major cause for delays in getting that done.  The cover is almost complete only one more element to work on with a special effect, which requires some learning and experimentation.

Live in God’s Peace.

Richard Billingsley


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