Evolution of a Book Cover – Part III

I’m almost done with the book cover.  There have been a lot of delays due to the car accident and the fact that we need to purchase another car as ours was totaled.  Here is what I have done with this next phase of the book cover.

  1. I cleaned up the fire and blood on the gold sword, which makes it more visually appealing and does not interfere with the steel sword or hour glass.
  2. Getting the lower left corner of the cover darker required adding a new layer that covers only the bottom half of the cover.  The upper edge is hidden behind the clouds.
  3. I flipped the steel sword to more accurately reflect the light of the sun and edge of darkness.  Look at the last post to compare the two (click here).
  4. I downloaded the following image of a man worshiping that would be transformed into my glorified man.
  1. Once downloaded the editing began by removing the background.  What you see as blue background is actually transparent in GIMP.
  2. Next my subject was given a hair cut.  You can see this by clicking between the 1st and 2nd images above.
  3. I used a filter tool called IWarp to pull a portion of the robe in closer to the body across the chest.  The left sleeve was pulled in to better match the appearance of the right sleeve.
  4. Using the existing rope around his waist I created a purple line to be the lower trim of gold belt around his chest, reflecting the image from the vision God gave me (click here).
  5. The upper trim of the belt was drawn free hand using GIMP’s ability to draw short straight continuous lines in the same purple color.
  6. Two gold gradient patterns were used to fill the area of the belt to create a more realistic appearance and maintain the natural folds in the clothing.
  7. Finally, the image was duplicated to a second layer and edited using a special blur filter to create the glow around his body.

The initial titles were added to see how they fit and will be edited to better fit and prepare for the golden horn.  Lastly the sunburst will either be completed or replaced depending on which techniques gives me the best results.  There is a faint blue line cutting through the picture where the man is.  This line does not appear in the working image.  It must have been applied when it was converted to JPEG format.

This phase is completed.  It is really looking a lot more dynamic as the final images are coming into place.

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