Talk about the Blessing of the Lord!

I took the car in to begin the collision repair work today and picked up a rental to use in the mean time.  Well, as it turned out the rental office didn’t have any smaller cars in their inventory at the time so they gave me a Nissan Armada SUV, which is tricked out the 9’s with voice control and rear view video camera, etc.  It even has running board so mother can get in easily.  They told me that they were expecting smaller cars to arrive later in the day and they would come by to swap out the SUV.  Well it’s late in day and I called the car rental to find out if they were coming to give me a smaller car.  He said they were really swamped, renting cars and if I wanted I could keep the SUV until I returned it for the same price as a standard size car.  Get this SUV rents for $100/day and we are only paying $26/day of which the insurance company is covering $20 of that, so with taxes, etc this tricked out SUV is going to cost us about $10/day.

Thank you Jesus!Richard Billingsley


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