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Below is the description of the vision of the book cover the Lord gave me back on December 14, 2011.  You can read the original post here.  If you are interested in doing the artwork for the cover send me an email from the contact page or comment below.  If you know someone who might be interested then send them a link to this page.

Toward the bottom center of the cover there is an image of the earth with the Jerusalem, Israel in the dead center of the globe.  Above that is a classic hourglass, top and base are round with carved vertical grabs between the top and base, positioned so that two of the grabs are on each side facing forward and the third in the center behind the hourglass (not necessarily visible).  In the hourglass the last few grains of sand are falling through the stint before it is finished.  Around and behind the hourglass and the upper 1/3rd of the earth is a white cloud reaching almost to the outer edges of the cover.

There are two straight double-edged swords on the left and right of the globe pointing inward and upward where the tips of each sword can be seen crossing making an ‘X’ over the upper half of the hourglass.  The tip of the sword on the right covers the sword tip on the left.  The swords extend downward toward the right and left bottom corners of the cover on the right and left side of the globe. The sword on the left is simple cold steel coming out of a dusk background getting brighter going toward a sun in the upper right corner of the cover.  While the sword on the right, with bright sky blue background, is bright gold with the bottom edge blood red (but no drips).  The sword on the right looks almost as if on fire, the flames are NOT predominantly visible, if at all they are very faint almost invisible coming off the sword.  The hilt and handle of right sword is decorated with gems, while the left sword is simple and plain with just a few lines across where the hand grabs.  The hand guard on each is straight, not curved.

To the left coming out above the clouds is a man wearing a gleaming white gown with a large wide gold sash, with decorative edging, across his chest.  He is looking upward with his arms mostly covered by the sleeves of the gown are extended outward and upward, his head tilted slightly back looking upward in praise to God (this is contemporary man and is not a depiction of Jesus or an angel).  The feet are not shown as the lower portion of the feet; legs and gown are hidden as if he is coming out of the cloud.

The title “Tell Them to Prepare” is next to the man and overlaid where the left arm of the person is behind the word “Tell” with the hand between the last “L” of “Tell” and the “T” of “Them.”   On the other side of the title coming through the word “Prepare” and going under the rest of the title is a gold straight trumpet that is sounding a call.  The horn does not cut the word “Prepare” in half but appears more to be coming through the word.  The mouth piece of the trumpet can be seen behind and a little to the right of the word “Prepare” while the shaft of the horn is partly behind the word, then comes through in about the middle of the word and then is on top of the rest of the word as it extends downward and goes at a slight angle under the rest of the title.  At the bell of the trumpet the air is vibrating as if a horn were making a blasting sound.

A sun is coming up out behind the clouds on the right side and is illuminating the earth on the right side above and below the clouds.  The bottom left side below the clouds is not dark but the image is subdued (more dusk, evening) gradually getting darker toward the lower left corner, but it is never totally black.

Below the earth and the swords is the subtitle “A New Look at the book of Revelation” with my name “Richard Billingsley” below that.  The font styles are not fancy, but are bold.

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