The Hand of God and his little surprises

It’s always fun to see the Lord work in one’s life, especially when he surprises us with simple things we aren’t expecting.  As the Lord has given me more tasks to work on for this website and ministry some of those tasks have reached the point where it was necessary for the ministry to obtain its own mailing address.  I started looking around at various offices to determine what would be the best location as there were four different offices to choose from.  I debated the different locations and finally picked one, then went online to reserve the PO Box.  The website said that the local office would pick the box and I thought I might have a choice as to which box I could choose.  Even though I had no idea what boxes were available, I had some ideas as to the range I would like to be located around, close to the front, row, etc.  When I got to the Post Office and gave them the reservation form I asked if I could choose which box I was assigned to.  The clerk told me that the box was selected by the computer and they don’t have any control over which box is assigned.  I thought oh well, whatever, the actually number is not important, I just hope it isn’t all the way in the back.  When I heard the number it surprised me.  I had to laugh to myself when I saw it, because the idea of that number never even entered my mind.  I knew this was from God and he was just saying surprise, this is for your, you choose the right place.  Oh, and the new address:

Rich Insight
PO Box 701
Haslet, TX 76052

Later that night the Lord spoke to me about it and mentioned, that man (or me) has their plans, but God’s (7) plan over all others (0) is the one (1) that prevails (wins).  That’s what the 701 represents.  Anything the Lord has been involved with in my life the number seven or 12 has always been nearby.  It’s also interesting that this website, while started in 2011, is just beginning to take off in 2012.  So, it was a nice confirmation that I was on the right path.  Earlier he had given me the cover art for the book (read here), now he has given me the address associated with the book.  Praise the Lord!  Thank you Father.

Live in God’s Peace.



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