The Lord is moving and He wants his people blessed, but even more He wants His people Blessing.  The Lord has been teaching me about blessing others and being a blessing for over five years.  Back then I didn’t hear much of anything about the act of blessing others.  Sure the Bible talks about it all the time.  But actually seeing it taught in churches and demonstrated through the church in the world around us was rare.  I’m not talking about humanitarian blessing.  The church has been doing that great work for centuries.  I’m talking about act of speaking a blessing over another person, especially when they are hating you.  It’s about changing the way we talk to those around us.  Instead of criticizing and putting others down, complaining about what someone did to hurt us.  Instead speaking a curse, we speak a blessing.  Matthew 5:44-48 directly tells us to bless those who curse us and pray for those who persecute us.  Watch the news and you can see it happening.  It’s growing and getting stronger and in these last days it is the sign of his nearing return.  Are you involved?  Are you actively speaking blessing over those around you who hate and abuse you?  The world will see us and recognize us because of our LOVE.  Exercise that love in your life.  The hatred of this world will grow ever darker and those caught up in it need a light to show them that there is something better.  Speak blessing to everyone around you and let your love shine.  You are the blessing to those around you.

This week I want to encourage you to watch another episode of Sid Roth’s – It’s Supernatural with guest Bill Ligon (click here).  He has some great insight of how to use your power to bless in your life.  Empower your mouth and you will empower your life with blessing.

Live in God’s Peace.


Bill Ligon says, “It was hijacked!” You’re going to find out what the Jewish patriarchs knew about the mystery of the power of imparting, “The Supernatural Hebrew Blessing!”

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