The Lord Gave Me the Cover Art for the Book.

For those who don’t know me, I am not a very artistic person.  Envisioning what the cover art for my book should look like just doesn’t come naturally.  I had ideas that there should be certain elements like a horn, time, and a sword, but I could never picture in my head what that would look like.

Well, the other night as I was going to sleep the Lord gave it to me in an instant.  He not only showed me what it looked like, but went into detail describing the various elements and how they would be described to a graphic artist.  One thing that really surprised me was the element for time.  I had been thinking of a clock, but the Lord made it into an hourglass.  Instead of one sword there are two and each one has special placement, presentation and meaning.  The horn while a simple straight horn does something that I would never have thought of.  In addition there are several other elements added that never crossed my mind.  Overall this is a really cool cover and very expressive of the content of this book.  Now comes the task of finding a graphic artist who can take that description and turn it into an image.Thank you Lord!

Live in God’s Peace.



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