Don’t worry, but trust in the Lord.

Psalms 37

While reading this Psalm the Lord impressed me to write it out as follows.

The enemy is pressing us on every side pushing us daily to take offense in something or someone. But Psalms 37 provides us with a great support and encouragement in the midst of the battle. He calls us not to worry about the wicked or envy those who prosper in doing evil. They will fade away like the grass and wither like the flowers. Instead turn from watching the actions of the wicked and trust in and focus in on the Lord and doing things His way. Then you will find safety and learn to live in the midst of madness and prosper in the blessing. Delight yourself in the Lord in worshipping and praising Him and in turn He will give you the desires of your heart. Trust in Him and commit our ways to follow Him and He will help you through all your challenges. He will make your innocence radiate like the morning sun before world around you and your causes will be justified in the brightness of the noonday sun.

Learn to relax and rest quietly in the presence of the Lord. Wait on Him to act and don’t think about what the evil people are doing in the world around you. They may appear to be prospering, but it will end in their own destruction. Don’t let their actions make you angry and resist the pressure to get angry, because that is exactly what the enemy wants, for if he succeeds it will only bring harm into your own life. But if you relax and trust in the Lord you will possess that which you believe for.

Soon the wicked will be no more, they will be gone like the wind. They plot against the godly and scream in defiance, but learn to laugh at their actions like the Lord, for He sees the day of their judgment coming. Those who submit to the Lord will possess the land and live in peace and prosperity. The wicked rise up in an effort to kill the poor and oppressed, seeking to destroy truth and righteousness. But their own actions will destroy them and they will be broken and brought to nothing. Thinking that they are strong is perilous as it is better to fear God and have little, than to have much and be evil, because God will shatter the strength of the wicked, but will take care of those who fear the Lord.

The Lord takes care of those who are innocent before Him, giving them an inheritance that will last forever. They will not lose that grace in difficult times and will have more than enough in the midst of famine. But the wicked will die off like flowers in a field and disappear like a puff of smoke. The wicked cannot be trusted because they will borrow but will never repay those loans thinking their greed makes them powerful. But the godly are generous givers and never lack. The Lord will bless them in their land, but the wicked will be cursed and die from from their debt.

The ways of the godly are planned out by the Lord. He delights in working out every detail of their lives. Even if they stumble, they will never fail, for the Lord will lift them up and gently return them to the path He had planned for them. From the time of my youth I have never seen the godly abandoned by God or their children lacking food. The godly are always generous and freely loan to others and their children are blessed for it.

Turn from your evil ways and do things God’s way and you will live in the land of blessing forever. Because the Lord loves truth and justice and He will not abandon the godly. He will keep you safe forever, but the wicked will die. Those who chase after the ways of God will possess the desires of their heart and live there forever. Listen to the godly for they give good counsel and they teach others what is right and what is wrong. They have made the ways of God their own and the Lord will never let them slip from His path for their lives.

The wicked seek to destroy the godly, looking for excuses to accuse and deceive others that the godly are unrighteous. But the Lord will not allow the wicked to succeed or let the godly be condemned by their false accusations. Put your hope and trust in the Lord and follow after His ways and He will honor you by giving you what He has promised and you will see your accuser destroyed. The wicked may seem to prosper and flourish, but they suddenly disappear and are never seen again.

Give close attention to those who are honest and good before the Lord for their lives will be blessed because they love peace. While the wicked will be destroyed and have nothing. Seek the Lord for He rescues the godly and is a place of protection in times of tribulation. He will rescue them from the wicked and shelter them in times of trouble.


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