The recent fall in gold prices and the wild fluctuations in the markets may have you wondering what is going on.  It runs up one day then falls the next.  We never know what is going to happen next.   I ran across some interesting news today about the reason why precious metals have taken a tumble in recent days.  It has to do with what has been happening regarding the EU’s debt issues with Greece, Italy and Spain.  Because Germany does not want to bail these nations out of their poor spending habits the EU has setup what is called a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to buy up this bad debt.  Rather than allowing these nations to learn a lesson in debt management this SPV is coming to the rescue to take it off their hands.  The SPV is a result of a push by banks so they can get their money back rather than defaulting and getting paid a percent of what was owed them.   It allows the printing of more money in order to pay off debt and is another game the banks are playing to make them more money.  It seems like a solution but it is just a sneaky way of delaying the pain and making things even worse in the long run, not better.

With this SPV it creates the illusion that as the world economy is in crisis the banks are coming to the rescue to solve our problems.  This causes the average person who doesn’t realize what is happening to relax and thinking the crisis is over, resulting in moving out of the protection of gold back into cash investments.  Causing the price of gold to drop.  This solution however, is only a temporary smoke and mirrors game to get peoples attention off what is really happening around them.  It will eventually lead to higher taxes, higher inflation and harsher living conditions.  As we will study in the book: “Tell Them to Prepare,” the ecomony of this world will be destroyed, but that will not fully happen until toward the end of the Tribulation.  Until then things are going to get worse and fluxuate wildly all over the place.  Putting trust into any economy or government will only lead to loss.Don’t let what is happening around you deceive you into thinking things are going to get better.  As Christians we have a more solid foundation in the Word of God and being aware of what He has for us is more important than what is happening as the world spins their way into their own destruction.

We are in the  kingdom of Heaven and part of that requires we follow the principals and commandments of the kingdom in order to enjoy the benefits of Heaven on Earth.  One of requirements is staying out of debt.  If you are in debt, work to get out.  If you don’t know how we have simple tools and techniques that can help you.

1 Peter 4:7-8 warns us as we approach the end of this age to be aware of what is happening around us.  We are to be diligent with a sound mind.  That means not being lazy, falling asleep, but awake, aware and self-disciplined so we can apply ourselves to prayer.  Then he gives us the most important tool we can have at our side and that is to live in love, not just any love, but fervent, intense love which covers and forgets about the sins and wrongs done to us as well as our sins we have done toward God.  These last days will be a time of offense.  We will only overcome it by the love of God and staying in the word and prayer.

Until next time…

Live in God’s Peace.


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