I was flipping through the channels on TV the other day and noticed a Science channel program about “Pyramid Power.”  Why would the Science channel have a show about a mystical ideology?  It was already half over when I started watching it and quickly discovered it had nothing to do with the mystical thinking most of us are familiar.  Instead, it was a discussion about pyramids around the world acting as power generators that transmitted power through the air and could have been tapped into by anyone.  Sound a little bit like Science Fiction?  Well, it isn’t.

About 100 years ago Nikola Tesla created a device which does just that.  It transmits power through the air that can be captured and used by anyone.  You can do your search on the Internet for details.  But the plans to expand the program was canceled by the industry and government leaders because there was no way to regulate and charge people for its use.  It would have been free power to anyone who wanted to use it, which brings us back to the Pyramid Power.  In this TV program, the Pyramids purpose created energy.  There have been many scientific stories about electrical activity around the pyramids before they lost all of their outer covering and there are other stories about devices that appear to be electrical machines, but they can’t figure out how to use them.  Not all pyramids are power generating stations.  Some were built in later years just as a monument for the kings.  But the older ones, most notably the Great Pyramid among them, are different.Could it this be true?  I have long believed we have lost more technology and knowledge that we realize.  Our current culture is built around controlling people.  Putting them under the control of the government or requiring them to pay to live.  But that is not how God’s economy works.  He makes all the necessities of life free.  We can buy food and drink at no charge when He is in charge.  And just perhaps the power to run our homes will be free as well.

I remember reading a story about a man who had a vision of the future Millennial kingdom of Jesus.  In it, he mentioned that vehicles and aircraft were all powered by electricity transmitted in the air.

Something to think about.


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