The Passion of the Bride

Matthew 6:33 and Matthew 22:37

is to Prepare for the Groom!

The bridegroom (Jesus) has given his life for the bride and is preparing her with Rapture Insight hidden in scripture for the last days!  The bride’s passion is to pursue true intimacy with the groom, preparing herself to become the Royal Family by being without spot or blemish of this world.  By living according to the ways of his Kingdom in Heaven.  These are the things that please the Groom and make her worthy to rule his Kingdom. These are the wise ones chosen to become the wife of the king entering in at the Rapture of the Bride.

The foolish ones seek their own wisdom. They believe they have a relationship with Jesus, but make excuses ignoring his word, his ways, and his passions, until the Rapture occurs, and they are left behind to go through the Tribulation. 
They cry out to be let in, only to hear:

“I do not know you!”

Matthew 25:1-13

The Mystery of the Rapture is Found in our Passion for HIS Kingdom!

Hint: What is God's Greatest Passion?

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